Monday, 21 April 2014

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Saturday, 19 April 2014

L'Oreal Skin Perfection 15 Second Miracle Cleansing Oil Review

The thought of rubbing an oil all over my face is pretty scary. But with dry, dehydrated skin a cleansing oil might actually be one of the best things for my skin.
The Miracle Cleansing Oil claims to help re-balance the natural oil production, restoring optimum levels of hydration, rather than stripping away the natural essential oils when removing makeup. 

I've used this in two different ways - rubbed into the skin then removed with warm water or removed with a micellar water. Both ways remove every last trace of makeup and both leave my skin feeling soft and healthy. I can't quite decide which I prefer, though the instructions do say use warm water and the oil does become milkier when using water so probably achieves a deeper cleanse. 

The oil is quite light and (for being an oil) doesn't feel too greasy. A couple of small pumps give enough product to remove a full face of makeup and it doesn't take much rubbing to dissolve even the strongest of mascaras. A bit more pricey than the L'Oreal Micellar water at £7.99 but it seems like it'd last a lot longer, and is still a cheaper alternative to the high end versions. The only problem here is the mineral oil content (which I'm not too clued up on yet).

Though it's suitable for all skin types I can only really comment on dry or dehydrated skin. I'd recommend it for removing waterproof eye makeup, and thick layers of face makeup. I'm still a bit too scared to use this everyday but I'd highly recommend adding this into your skin care routine a few times a week to help rebalance the skin. My skin hasn't had any bad reactions which is always a good sign.

Have you used any cleansing oils?

Friday, 18 April 2014

James Bond Inspired Looks This Spring*

James Bond may now have gone through almost as many incarnations as Doctor Who, but unlike the good Doc, 007 has a very definite 'wow' factor with the ladies, and that's one thing that never changes.
Starting with Ursula Andress, who famously strolled from the Caribbean Sea in Dr No wearing that bikini, Bond has had more than his fair share of lovely ladies – and they always seem to share one thing in common. When it comes to glamour, every Bond girl knows how to turn heads.
If you fancy turning a few heads yourself, why not create your own Bond-inspired look this spring? Here are a few ideas you might consider.

In Goldfinger, Honor Blackman played the girl with the double-entendre name that was about as subtle as a punch in the face – Pussy Galore. Whilst you may feel her mauve wrap shirt is a little bit 1960s, it did come a full decade before Diane von Furstenberg first unveiled her famous wrap dress. Von Furstenburg's designs are timeless, so you'll look great wherever you go, or you can adopt the Galore glam-look with a simple wrap shirt and matching skirt.

The name of Carey Lowell does not really trip off the tongue when it comes to famous Bond girls, but she certainly wowed audiences as Pam Bouvier alongside Timothy Dalton's version of Bond in 1999's License to Kill. She never looked more sultry than the scenes in the casino, where she sipped her martini whilst wearing a simple, black sequinned gown. The casino-look is one you can adopt for any kind of night out (especially if you're sitting down for a few hands of Texas Hold'em!), and is sure to gather plenty of positive glances. The key is to keep it simple – just one piece of jewellery (perhaps diamond earrings) and one matching accessory, say, a clutch-bag.

Proving that Bond does seem to attract ladies with silly names, the latest Bond, Daniel Craig, found Strawberry Fields, played by Gemma Arterton, much to his liking in A Quantum of Solace. In her most memorable scene, Gemma wore a plain black dress with a large but stylish necklace and matching belt. There was a definite resemblance to Audrey Hepburn, complete with a very Hepburn-esque bob.

Bond always managed to get the girl, although more often than not the girl would come to an unfortunate sticky end. If you're going to adopt your own Bond-themed look, then you're really on your way to looking both fashionable and fantastic – just keep one eye out for those super-rich villainous megalomaniacs!

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Body Butter Review

As summer approaches I'm back to loving sun kissed, glowy skin. A good moisturiser is essential for maintaining a fake tanned look and this Soap and Glory moisturiser is my absolute favourite.

This product smells divine. It's such a gorgeous citrus scent thanks to the lime oil and cocoa nut balm. The smell transfers well onto my skin and lingers for a couple of hours. Very handy for combatting the fake tan biscuit smell.

This body butter cream is really rich but, unlike other body butters that I've tried, it sinks in quickly so there's no awkward standing about before getting wrapped back up in my dressing gown. Although it frustrates me when the cream gets stuck underneath my nails, it only takes a couple of scoops to moisturise my whole body so this tub is going to last a while! 

For such a yummy smelling, hard working Body Butter £10.50 isn't too expensive for 350ml. Soap and Glory is quite often on 3 for 2 so you can save yourself some pennies (whilst trying out even more of the Soap and Glory family).

Which Soap and Glory products should I try next?
Which Soap and Glory scents are your favourite?