Thursday, 29 January 2015

Spring Primark Picks

It's been a long time since I've been in Primark and with the prospect of visiting in February I did a little bit of research into the new Spring/Summer 2015 collection. One of my picks that is very much love it or hate it is the dress, I think I'd need to see it first but that shape is normally quite flattering. There's not much other colour happening in my Spring picks just a hint of pastels in the wrap over cropped top and mint green bag. I love the later cut design on the black vest top and though a bit more daring than my usual I really like the lace bralet. 
A running trend for this year perhaps, a item of homeware managed to sneak in!

Have you been buying anything from Primark lately?
What Spring trends are you looking forward to?

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Sensationail Fuse Gelnamel Review


I've got a love hate relationship with doing my nails. I love having long, strong, beautiful nails but I hate the long painting process, the drying stage and them chipping 5 minutes later. I've gone through the stages of shellac both in a salon and at home. I've had paper thin nails and nursed them back to strength. Thankfully Sensationail has introduced something brand new - a best of both worlds situation - the Fuse Gelnamel.

The tiny little box comes with everything you need for an at home Gelnamel manicure from the nifty usb lamp that also has a plug, to the 3 in 1 colour, a nail file, manicure stick, cleanser and wipes. It's a very portable kit and good for keeping it all stored together. 

When I first read the instructions I thought the nail by nail process was going to take forever. In reality it was quite speedy. From buffing, cleansing, one layer - no base or top, 30 seconds under the lamp, cleanse and done! There's a lot of time saved by cutting out the base and top but also the fact that only one layer is needed. However, you can see on the photos that on some of my nails the white has shown through slightly. At times like this I wish the instructions explained how to do 2 layers. Maybe I just needed a thicker layer. I was very mindful of the fact that the instructions emphasised a thin layer of polish. A minor niggle which I'm sure I can overcome. I love the tiny little USB lamp that literally takes 30seconds and it's dry. Gone are the days of painting my nails, needing a pee and having the awkward challenge of unbuttoning my jeans.

There are a choice of 5 colours included in the starter kit and an additional 7 colours available individually. Electric or Treat is a gorgeous coral colour which is one of my favourites in the summer. It was quite nice having a break from dark and dull colours and injecting a bit of colour into my life in amongst the horrible weather. It also put a smile on my face when my Granny spotted my nails and complimented them. The shine really is noticeable and it's easy to be tricked into thinking I'd gone for a gel manicure.

I was a bit disappointed that a couple of the nails started chipping the next day. Perhaps I'd put too thick a layer on, too thin a layer on or put it too close to the edge of my nail. I'm not sure but by the second night of wearing Fuse the majority of my nails had a little chip. Not what I was expecting when it's marketed at no chip, salon worthy nails. 

Removing the Fuse Gelnamel wasn't too tricky, I used a combination of buffing and 100% acetone. Just be gentle and don't go too made or you'll end up with no nail left. It's very similar to gel polish when it comes to removal. 

I'm determined to work on how I apply it. Perhaps I'll experiment with doing 2 really thin layers, or maybe go a bit thicker? Has anyone got any hints and tips they could share? As for colours I'd love to try Gone Fission or Intens-so-fly next. £15 is quite a good price for a gelnamel polish.

What's your nail loves and loathes?
Have you tried the Sensationail gel or gelnamel at home kit?

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

How To Boost Your Funds By Spring Cleaning Your Wardrobe*

With Christmas having been and gone, I’m currently turning my attention towards being more organised and keeping things mess and stress-free. This includes my wardrobe. I have accumulated so many additional outfits and accessories over the past year that now seems like a good time to have a bit of a clear out. It’s a great opportunity to make use of those items at the back of my wardrobe that have been gathering dust as I wait for the ‘perfect opportunity’ to wear them. Which of course just never comes! The plan is to donate some items and to eBay some of the things that I don’t use. If you are thinking of doing something similar, here are a few top tips for you.

Be Decisive - Get an eBay or Depop account - If you haven’t already then get yourself an eBay account. You can still make money online, despite the rise in buy and sell sites on local Facebook selling pages. Create a username and add your products. Some people prefer to go with a low starting price to draw more attention to their items but make sure that you only do this if you have no minimum value in mind. If you want to go for a set price with a high fashion piece try Depop. The app for your phone or tablet is easy to use and doesn't charge per photo meaning you can add a lot more detail and set prices higher than 99p without being charged more.

Use your online resources - These days you can print stamps online, arrange postage and even have items collected from your home to be sent out. Couriers will pick up your parcels at your convenience and send them out for you. You can do just about everything you’d ever need to, from the comfort of your home. Make use of these options as you’re more likely to be productive and actually get things done if you take the easiest route!

Get friends involved - There are a  few ways that your friends might be able to help with your wardrobe spring clean. Firstly, get together and try on the outfits you’re undecided on. Your friends will tell you if they think they suit you. Another way to get your friends involved is to have an evening in and host a beauty and fashion swap. The concept is simple. Everyone brings products and clothing that they don’t want or wear. You then swap between yourselves, and you all end up with something new and exciting!

Save your profits - It’s sometimes easier to motivate yourself to keep selling your unwanted items if you can physically see your money building up. Get yourself a cute glass jar and put it somewhere safe. Every time you make a few sales, add the money to your jar. This way, you can put the savings towards something you really want. This is a fun way to save for this season’s new products and trends.

If you don’t like the idea of selling online then wait for a warmer day and do a car boot sale with your unwanted items. You’ll be able to get rid of loads of products at once, and you won’t lose anything in fees. You will have to pay out for the cost of a table though and for a float to give people change from anything they buy from you. Take plenty of carrier bags with you as customers are more likely to buy from your stall if you can bag everything up for them.

Monday, 26 January 2015

Valentines Ready Lips: Anatomicals Stop Cracking Up Lip Balm

With Valentines Day just around the corner you might be keen to get your lips soft and kissable, but that's no easy task with the cold weather outside and the heating blasting inside. I've been struggling with sore, chapped lips since the winter weather got a bit extreme. Lots of lip balms seem to sink in with no effect so I'm always up for trying something new. 

I've heard lots about Anatomicals, after being intrigued by their bright cartoon-like packaging, and quirky names. The description on the back of the box and side of the tube both put a smile on my face and make me hopeful for a quick fix and a new lip balm addition. With Vitamin E, Sweet Almond Oil and Beeswax there's lots of ingredients ready to  help condition, soothe and soften.

Though it's marketed as a lip balm I think they'd get away with classing Stop Cracking Up as a lip gloss. It's quite a thick, glossy consistency which shines on the lips. It doesn't actually taste of anything, which I suppose is better than a horrible tasting product. This also means there's no temptation to lick it all off and with it not smelling of much there's nothing to put you off. My lips feel hydrated and protected after application and they look healthier too. No cracked, dry skin in sight. As for staying power, it hangs around for quite a while, no need to reapply every 5 minutes. Be prepared for lip gloss marks on your glass if you're having a drink but you'll still have balm left afterwards.

The squeezy tube is quite big at 15ml. Theres no real applicator, just a hole in the top of the slanted tube but because it's quite sticky I avoid using my finger to apply it. A bit of a nuisance getting the lip balm all over the tube but at least I've got an excuse not to share with anyone.

Would you recommend any other Anatomicals products?

Have you got any exciting Valentines plans or are you doing everything to avoid the "forever alone" day?