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NYX Lip Lingerie Lipstick - Baby Doll

In March I was raving about the Lip Lingerie lipsticks by NYX and I was keen to try another shade. I was hooked by the long lasting power, the doe foot applicator and the moussey formula. As soon as I came across another NYX stand I got my hands on the Baby Doll shade, the lightest out of all 12 Lip Lingerie lipsticks. I was excited for a lighter, pinkier more natural colour than Bedtime Flirt (the first in my collection). 

Unfortunately it's a little patchier and streakier than I was expecting. It is a lovely peachy nude colour but it takes a bit of work to make it even. I've got pale skin so this shade doesn't wash me out too much. It isn't as moussey as the other Lip Lingerie lipsticks that I've tried. For me I'll have to scrub my lips a little harder before wearing this colour because it shows every little dry patch and crack in my lips. A bit disappointing and not quite the Kylie Liquid Lipstick dupe that I was hoping for.

NOTD: Ombre French Nails

My bestie is an absolute babe when it comes to doing nails. She mentioned wanting to try doing ombre nails and I was totally up for being a guinea pig. She uses shellac and in amongst some of her different tools and potions is some kind of miracle hardener. Basically whatever she used on my nails a few appointments ago has made my nails rock hard and these are my own nails - no tips needed! When it came to doing the ombre French she painted the pink and white directly onto a sponge and sponged it on to my nail. They look great and I'm delighted with her first attempt. I'm also loving that these are my real nails.

What's your favourite nail trends and shapes for summer?

Wish, Want, Need:

I've got less than 3 weeks of work until it's my Summer holidays - 6 lovely weeks off and I can't wait. I've got lots of exciting plans including my first wedding dress appointment and 2 of my best friend's weddings. I'm also planning a week abroad after a week in Edinburgh (close-by to the 2 weddings which are all in one week), but at the moment it's not booked. We're hoping for a good last-minute deal and because all we're hoping for is something all inclusive and sunny we're not too fussy! A potential holiday requires potential holiday clothes. Sunshine calls for bright colours and floral prints. My Slimming World journey has also meant that some of my holiday wardrobe no longer fits so an update is 100% needed. I came across through an advert on Facebook and I've ended up lusting after loads. Their prices are really reasonable and there's such a good selection, my only concern is the different sizings. Lots of the items have been reviewed and mention sizing though.

By the pool

Out exploring

Nighttime cocktails

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Micellar Water

It's the hydrating products that always catch my eye when I'm browsing the aisles of Boots and Superdrug, even more so when they're on offer. Neutrogena brought out a new Hydro Boost range this year and with that was some introductory price offers. With my other micellar waters running low I bought the Hydro Boost Cleanser Micella Water. I've been a fan of micellar waters since the Bioderma days and was keen to try out another brand and another one formulated for dry, sensitive skin like mine.

I don't wear a lot of makeup on a daily basis so I knew this cleanser wouldn't have to work too hard but the combination of Hyaluronic acid and cleansing technology was intriguing and I wanted to see if I'd notice a difference in my skins hydration. After using it just one or two times I was amazed at how soft my skin felt and there's never any tightness or stinging which I can sometimes get from other cleansers. Touchably supple has definitely been achieved. As for the cleansing part, it's perfect for removing the concealer and bronzer I wear each day but if I've got a full face of night out makeup then I quite like to double cleanse, using something else in combination with this, like a hot cloth cleanser. But it does seem that this would rise to the challenge it's self and best of all not leave your skin stripped of all moisture.  

The bottle is plastic which is quite good for travelling and the top of the bottle gets top marks from me. There's no wasted product with this as you're totally in control of how much micellar water gets onto your cotton pad. I hate the bottles that just pour straight out, soak the cotton pad and everything else around it! Another little side note that the scent of this product is quite nice, it's almost a light bubblegum scent. 

Unfortunately I wouldn't pay £8 for this as it's not too different from other micellar waters that you can get in Boots or Superdrug for half the price, so if I'm to buy it again it will have to be on offer. But don't get me wrong, I'm happy with the results, will use up every last drop and I'll keep my eye out for offers. I'm also keen to try some more from the range, boosting hydration is one of my top skin care priorities. Have you used anything else from the range? 
Thumbs up for convenience that's kind to my dry, sensitive skin.