Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Yankee Scenterpiece Review


I'm a big lover of candles, especially in the winter when it's warm and cosy in the house and freezing cold outside. But the problem with the summer, when it never really gets dark outside here (perk of the Highlands) a candle just doesn't feel the same. There's no glow and cosiness and I feel like I'm wasting the candle just to have a nice smelling room. I've tried out a couple of alternatives like diffusers but I hadn't found something quite right until I was given a Yankee Scenterpiece.

Yankee is no doubt one of the most popular candle brands in the UK and I have them dotted about all over my house. Someone had taken note of this and bought us one of the new Yankee Scenterpieces as an engagement present. It's probably a good place to start by saying it is a fantastic present, for a couple, a Mum, a Granny or a friend.

The Scenterpiece, which is availalbe in a a few different designs, has a flameless heater which melts the wax. Because the wax all stays inside the plastic cup it's not messy and doesn't need to be cleaned up. This means its really good for mixing and matching the scents because you don't need to wait for the cup to be all used up. Just pop the lid back on and pack it away. The Warmer has quite a long cable which is handy for having it in different places around the house. We've got ours on a windowsill in the hallway and it's amazing how much the scent travels. The whole of our downstairs is soon smelling of fresh cotton after we plug it in. Unfortunately there isn't an on/off switch so it is a case of using the plug. It is a lot safer than a candle though so even if it does get left on when you nip out of the house or over night you don't need to worry the same as you would with a naked flame.

At £4.99 for a melt cup they work out as a really affordable option and the perfect little gift to buy time and time again. There's loads of scents available, most of the favourite candle scents have been transformed into a melt cup. Each cup is meant to last for 24 hours of fragrance but we're still using the one we got at the middle of April so I feel like it lasts a bit longer. I love Clean Cotton and can't wait to try some fun summery ones too! 

I'd highly recommend trying out a Yankee Scenterpiece if you're a candle lover who struggles with the summer dilemma. I think I'll be buying one for my Mum sometime too, she's dropped quite a few hints!

Monday, 27 June 2016

Home Happenings: Garden Wishlist

A major perk of being a teacher is the 6 weeks Summer holidays, there's no denying that. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the sun manages to come out for a big percentage of my break and that I get to spend time in the garden relaxing in the heat. One of the selling points of the house when we bought it in October was the big, South facing garden. Garden furniture and accessories haven't been high on our list of house purchases until now. It's time to have a Summer ready outdoor space.

We've got a really private garden which is amazing for a bit of sunbathing and I'd absolutely love a hot tub tucked away in the corner. Where I live it doesn't get very dark in the Summer at night times so being able to keep warm and carry on enjoying the garden would be fab.

Obviously summer is BBQ season and a few of our friends have arranged one for the summer months. We've not got a BBQ yet but I don't think we'd need, or use, a big expensive one. Wilko has some really affordable ones and this turquoise one looks the part. 

I'm not particularly green-fingered so a faux tree would save me the embarrassment. I can imagine this sitting on the front step fooling people into believing I can actually keep a plant alive.

I bought these from Asda for my Mum last year for Mother's Day and I'm so glad they're back. They are multi coloured and are a lovely addition along the edge of the shed.

I've stopped and sat in these hanging egg chairs every time I go into B&M and can imagine being curled up in one reading my kindle. From somewhere like B&M they don't have to break the bank!

Do you have a garden that's perfect for socialising? What furniture or decor would you recommend for a fun or relaxing garden?

Saturday, 25 June 2016

The London Shopping List

It’s everyone’s dream to have a sudden cash windfall, a week off work and a scheduled London break. Just me? Surely not. In all seriousness, it’s hard to imagine a place with more choice, variety and intrigue than the tourism capital of the UK. London is bursting with dozens upon dozens of quirky, fresh shopping experiences that you owe it to yourself to visit.
But what are the main few that should be on your list, and what’s the best location to go shopping? Both questions are answered here, so have a read!


Where are all the best shops located?
London is daunting for the uninitiated, and rightfully so. In terms of which shops you need to visit, it really depends on what you want. Some of the best in the city are centred in Kensington and Chelsea, offering more luxurious items at decent prices. This in mind, staying in many of the serviced London apartments in this area keeps you close.
If price is your concern, then some of the shops on the outskirts of the city can be cheaper. London is massive though, so you’re bound to find something to your taste no matter your age or gender. Why not explore!

1. SCP - homeware and accessories
If you’re shopping for a new home or want to update your current one, you can’t go wrong with SCP. It’s a store that offers a ton of quirky furniture and homeware designs, from chairs to tables and random decor. If you want to add a pinch of style to your home, rather than just buying the same old Ikea furnishings, this is the place for you.

2. Mungo & Maud - for pet lovers
Pet stores are traditionally rather cramped, smelly and unpleasant. Here, however, you can wave goodbye to that notion with a shopping experience as luxurious as you can get. Mungo & Maud stock for a wide range of pets, with items like smart collars and posh food/water bowls. There are even some items for humans, but that’s not the source of this shop’s attraction.

3. Retro Game Base - for 80s and 90s kids

The name of a store doesn’t get more literal than this. It’s the only store in London that’s dedicated to retro gaming, and this in mind, is worth a visit. It packs everything from Pong to PS1, and is a trip down memory lane that’s not easy to forget.
This is also a good place for the modern era of gamers to get a taste of what came before Call of Duty and Fifa. But on the whole, it’s the folks who grew up with this stuff that will appreciate it most.

4. Bloom Perfumery - for fragrance lovers
Who doesn’t love a nice fragrance or two? Fortunately, Bloom stocks smells for men and ladies, so boyfriends won’t have to be dragged around with nothing to do themselves!
The perfumes sold here are on the higher end of the pricing spectrum, but as with any smelly, they’re good quality and last ages. If used correctly, that is. If you’re spraying it all over your cat then it will run out rather quickly.

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Life Catch-Up: Celebrations & Sunshine

 1. I finally made my Thank You cards for all our engagement presents. I took inspiration from Pinterest and combined a few different ideas and made it on 

2. Prosecco in the garden with 2 of my 3 bridesmaids on the day I asked them.

3. My permanent contract was confirmed and I went out for dinner with a few of the girls to catch up and celebrate. I went for cajun chicken salad and it was delicious.

4. Garden furniture was a fantastic engagement present and thankfully we've been able to use it loads so far. The sunny weather fairly cheers everyone up.

5. Rory, my lionhead rabbit, is quite the greedy little rabbit. He eats out of the scoop before I even get the chance to put the food in his bowl.

6. A bit more sunbathing. I felt like I was on holiday sitting in the sun, reading my kindle.

7. Snapchat is handy for checking the temperature. 20 degrees is tropical for Scotland.

8. Lunch in the garden is so much tastier. I love a chicken salad with caesar dressing.

 9. We went out for dinner for my Mum's birthday and we were all stuffed after our main courses. I can't resist a cheesecake so I ordered one between the 4 of us. It was chocolate fudge flavour and absolutely delicious.

10. A wee outfit of the night, quite like the pink pinafore from Primark.

11. Out walkies with my wee pal Abby. Walking my auntie's dogs has made me want a dog more and more.

12. There's been some gorgeous sunsets recently. Living so far north it doesn't get dark until really, really late... in fact some nights never seem to be dark.

13. I gave blood last week and had a bit of a disaster. Normally I'm quite slow parting with my blood but this time I was done in 7 minutes. Unfortunately when I headed to have my tea and biscuit blood started pouring from my arm. There was quite a puddle on the floor and I had to have a rather tight bandage put on my arm overnight. What a disaster.

14. Goats cheese salad, one of my favourites. 

15. Makeup and hair reading for a wedding dance. Unfortunately I was suffering from a cold sore and viral conjunctivitis so had a horrible red, bloodshot eye. Thank you Snapchat for helping disguise it.

16. My fiancé and I ready for the dance. What a fab night.

That's us all caught up, not long until my summer holidays now! 6 weeks off work is a major perk.