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Since becoming a recent Mum of two my days have been filled with baby and toddler classes, getting out of the house for walks and cuddles on the sofa. Mornings are a bit of a juggle while one needs a bottle or a nappy change and the other is giving me the cereal from the cupboard or causing chaos with his Paw Patrol toys. I don't have much time to get myself ready and I've started to rotate a few go-to outfits to make my life easier. And let's face it not everything in my wardrobe fits properly yet.

This outfit has been a favourite for baby massage, a pop to the post box for Oh So Printed orders and a quick tidy up in the house while the little one naps. This Stone Knitted Long Cardigan is such a good layer for the Autumnal days we've been having. The maxi length means it's brilliant for throwing on over a pair of leggings for complete comfort. Like wearing loungewear but looking and feeling out together. Unfortunately this cardigan is out of stock now but you can get it in Cream or Stone.

The weather is getting a little cold now for wearing my trainers day in day out so they've been replaced with a pair of chunky Chelsea boots. Fine for walking through puddles as well as feeling like I've actually got ready for the day.

My other Mum essential has been Lashify lashes. Back in March I was raving about them but I don't think at the time I thought I'd still be hooked in November! They mean when I get up for the day, regardless of how many times I've been up through the night, I look a little more awake and have some instant makeup.

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