Wedding Wednesday | Destination Wedding?

Destination weddings are simply amazing! They’re so similar to a traditional wedding, yet, there are all these little twists that make them events that guests will talk about for weeks to come. There’s no doubt about it that there’s something adventurous but so romantic about destination weddings! So, would this be something for you? Then continue reading on to learn more about destination weddings and helpful tips needed for planning the perfect destination wedding and mistakes to avoid!

Why do people choose to have destination weddings rather than more traditional weddings?

People choose to have destination weddings for a variety of reasons, but the main reason is that they want an adventure. They want to get married in a foreign country (or some other destination) and explore the culture. Destination weddings are also becoming more popular and they can have the potential to be less expensive than traditional weddings. It’s really all about finding the right event venue for the destination you’re eyeing. Doesn’t it just sound simply amazing to have a destination wedding in any number of places, such as Italy, Mexico, France, or even Iceland?


Different Types of Destination Weddings and Their Advantages

Destination weddings are increasing in popularity. In the last few years, many couples have decided to get married in a different country and now, there are various types of destination weddings. Some of these types are:


Destination wedding with a beach theme: This type of destination wedding is popular among those who want a more relaxed and low-key celebration with an ocean view.


Destination wedding with a city theme: This type of destination wedding is popular among those who want to celebrate their love for the city they live in and also want to explore other parts of the world. This could technically be considered a destination wedding if the rest of the guests do not live in the same city.


Destination wedding with a cultural influence: This type of destination wedding is usually done when one or both partners have a strong cultural background that they want to celebrate.


All of these can be great reasons, but it’s entirely up to the couple and where they want to go.


Planning For the Details of a Destination Wedding On a Minimal Budget

Planning a destination wedding on a minimal budget requires careful planning and financial management. Here are some tips for planning the details of your destination wedding on a minimal budget.


Plan for your honeymoon first. This is typically a separate trip, but, if you’re having a destination wedding you can simply combine the two together.


Make sure you have enough money to cover the entire event - including travel, accommodation, food, and entertainment.

Be creative with decorations - use things around you instead of buying them new. For example, use materials like flowers, plants, and shells instead of buying fresh flowers or shells at the store. Some venues and destinations will provide all of it for you.


Consider renting out venues if possible to cut down costs and make it easier for guests to get around without having to worry about transportation as much as they would.


Don’t feel the pressure to pay for your wedding guests to see your wedding. Of course, if it’s the immediate family you desperately want to be there then talk about going in on half or something. Alternatively, you could even just have an intimate elopement.


Destination weddings can be so fun, and they can potentially be better than a traditional wedding. It’s just entirely up to you and your partner what you both are wanting anyways. 


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