Reducing Stress | 4 Tips

The world is filled with small daily stresses such as juggling family and work. If you turn on the news or check your social media feeds, you will see many more reasons to feel anxious. When you need a healthy break from it all, try one or all of these methods to alleviate stress so you can get back to a calmer way of living.

Get Comfortable

Whether you are sleeping in bed or lounging on the couch, a good blanket is always in order. There is a virtual multitude of blankets on the market, and it can be overwhelming to choose one. When you are experiencing stress or trying to sleep, a weighted blanket is a great choice. It can help calm your anxious feelings and aid in sleeping by applying the right amount of pressure onto your body. 


To determine how heavy should a weighted blanket be for you, do some simple math. Calculate 10% of your body weight. That number will be the appropriate weight for your new blanket. Now comes the hard part - picking a colour.

Take a Bath

If you have long been a proponent of lounging in the tub, then you know the feeling of relaxation that comes from bathing. If you have not tried taking a bath to relieve stress, do not wait any longer. One study showed that increasing participants’ body temperatures helped relieve symptoms of depression. (Always consult your healthcare provider or seek emergency care if you are experiencing depressive symptoms.)


Turn the heat up on your water temperature and add some luxurious bubbles or soothing bath salts. Select a calming scent such as lavender, vanilla, or jasmine. Pick something that you enjoy. Dim the lights, light a candle or two, and relax in the warmth.


Journal Your Thoughts

Writing down your thoughts and feelings is a cathartic way to release stress. If your mind is racing with worries and what-ifs, try putting pen to paper to express what is on your mind. You can get creative with the process and use different coloured pens. Typing on your laptop works just as well if you prefer that method. 


The idea is to simply take your thoughts out of your head and put them somewhere else. You can revisit your reflections later or let them lie as they are. Journaling works as a diary of your thoughts that you can look at years later to contemplate how you have grown and changed.


Here is a video explaining how journaling can help you.


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Find Professional Help

Any good list of ways to reduce stress needs to discuss mental health. When stress becomes overwhelming for you, you need to seek professional care. Trained counsellors and mental health experts are available to talk with you. They will listen to your feelings and hear you when you talk about life experiences that impact how you feel.


There are a variety of options to choose from when you need stress relief. Pick something that makes you feel good about yourself. The important thing is to get help when you need it in whatever form works best for you.

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