Lashify DIY Lash Extensions | First Impressions

I used to love eyelash extensions for going on holiday or a special occasion. The ease of not having to wear mascara and having a done look all of the time was bliss. But then I developed an allergy to both lash tint and the extension glue which meant they were an absolute no-go. Agony, in fact. A set of strip lashes were fine for a night out but holidays turned to relying on waterproof mascara to disguise my blonde lashes. We've got our first post-covid holiday abroad coming up and I just might have discovered the ultimate alternative - Lashify.

I saw it recommended on Instagram and what sold it to me was the people sharing it had started using it for the same reasons as me - allergies and holidays. Lashify is a DIY lash extension system which can be worn for up to 10 days. The Glossamer lashes are virtually weightless and damage-free to your natural lashes. The adhesive has no nasties, no fumes and no burning. With the correct care the lashes can be reused. It was definitely time to order.

The place to start is with the Control Kit. It contains the Fuse Control Wand and cushions, for perfect application, two sets of Gossamer lashes, Whisper Light Bond in clear and black, Glass for sealing and a storage box for keeping everything together. The storage box also has an impressive mirror for aiding application. The contents of the set are worth $183 but the price is £134. Yes, I know it seems a crazy price but when I thought back to paying £40 for lash extensions and £10-15 for a lash tint beforehand it doesn't take long for the huge price tag to be justified. This is a one time purchase. Of course it was a huge splurge for something I could potentially not get on with but it was a risk I was willing to take (and I had some money in my Paypal that made it feel like not such a spendy decision). I used Honey to find a discount code and saved myself £26. 

You can do a couple of different quizzes to get you started. I did the control kit quiz which was good for helping me start to understand the products and to know what length I needed. Before I knew it I had the Control Kit and another set of lashes in my basket and I was clicking checkout. I ordered on the 5th and it arrived on the 15th. Not bad considering it came from California and had free delivery.

I waited until the weekend, when I had a birthday party to attend, to try them out. There was loads of support available on the website to help with application including tutorials, livestreams and 1:1 videos. I've tried a few different false lash styles and applicators so I was hopeful I'd be able to apply my new Gossamer lashes without any tantrums. I followed the Lashify Level 1 Tutorial on the website and it made applying them for the first time a pretty smooth, stress-free process. I didn't buy the cleanser so instead applied them on clean lashes from out the shower. I set aside a good amount of time so that I wouldn't be rushing and in the end it took me about 25minutes. 

I couldn't believe how weightless they actually feel, you genuinely wouldn't know they are there. Because they are applied under your lashes you don't see how they are attached, the spine really is undetectable. I also love that the bond adhesive is black so that helps disguise my light lashes and means there's no need for tinting. I like that the lashes aren't in one large strip or lots of tiny clumps so application is a bit more manageable, adaptable and not too time consuming. The real test was going for a shower - I was curious to how they would be in the water and the steam. You have to keep them dry for 24hours but after that they are water resistant. 

When I woke up on day 4 the outside lashes on my right eye were hanging on by a thread. I think it's a combination of not applying 100% perfectly and also the corners are more likely to be in contact with tears, makeup and skincare products and also pressure from lying on the pillow. I just quickly reapplied in the morning and carried on with my fingers crossed for reaching 7 days. By Friday morning, which was a full week from application, I'd lost the corner lashes on my left eye. I actually didn't reapply them and it wasn't too noticeable for a day at work. I managed to keep a hold of the lashes though so I'm ready to clean them and add them back into my set. 

One whole week of Lashify lashes and I'm hooked. My plan for tonight is to remove them with Nivea Double Effect Waterproof Eye makeup remover, I didn't bother buying the Lashify remover product. Tomorrow morning I'll reapply the lashes ready for a hen party on Saturday and Mother's Day afternoon tea on Sunday. It'll soon be my holiday lashes, the exact reason I invested. There's no need for mascara now! 

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