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 The warning signs you need to protect your home from criminals can be subtle or in your face. Some robbers are brazen about their crimes, while others will gradually set them up. 

You're Seeing a Lot of Strangers

Many crimes, such as home invasions, are often random. However, it's not uncommon for criminals to enter a home before entering it. This way, they know escape routes and where you are likely to be when they enter your home. While you can protect your valuables with insurance (www.onesureinsurance.co.uk), the emotional stress of a home invasion is substantial. Often, you will see strangers around your area or even taking photos of your property and car on their phones. Actions like these could be a sign, so call the police and they will question them.

There are Strange Sounds Occurring

When preparing for a robbery, some criminals tend to make it easier on themselves to enter your home and get out without being caught. They do this by removing obstacles, loosening entry points and messing with security systems. When doing this, they may make some noise. So, if you hear strange sounds around your property, always check to see if something has been tampered with. It could be animals, so it's best not to call the police unless you have some solid evidence of tampering that could only have been caused by humans.


Unfamiliar Cars are Parked Outside

Like everyone else, intruders need to get around. So, they might be casing the area or your home from the comfort of their vehicle. Fortunately, most criminals aren't the brightest bulbs in the box and will draw attention to themselves. Vehicles with tinted windows are a dead giveaway, as are tricked-out cars. If a vehicle is parked outside your home for an extended period, you have the right to call the police about it. Should this be the case, make a note of number plates, makes and models and hand them to the authorities who can keep an eye out.


More Crime in Nearby Neighbourhoods

Criminal activity often ramps up in waves, and it's possible your area could be next. If you have heard of a sharp increase in a particular type of crime, such as burglaries or front door scams, then stay vigilant about your personal security. The crime wave may pass by your area, but you can never be sure. Ask for details about the crimes being perpetrated and take steps to learn about how you can protect against them. For the most part, you can secure against burglaries by securing your entrances, not opening the door for strangers or letting someone inside.


How to Protect Your Home from Criminals

Protecting your home from criminals is a top priority. Not only to ensure your stuff isn't stolen but the integrity of your family and feel safe in your home. Once your house has been violated, you may never feel safe again. Here are some tips for securing your property:

·      Invest in smart technology such as video doorbells as 34% use the front door.

·      Buy the best burglar alarm system you can afford.

·      Get a dog. A dog can be an excellent deterrent against would-be criminals.

·      Make it known on social media if you have reason to believe something will happen.

·      Secure entry points to your home and remove anything that can help, such as a ladder.

When securing your home, the trick is to make it as challenging as possible for someone to gain entry. Further, it's helpful to have the best alert system if someone does access your house. For example, some alarm services connect directly to an alert centre or even the police.


You can reduce the chances of an incident in your home by securing it as best you can. However, alarms and locks only go so far. You need to stay vigilant if something is out of place.

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