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Let’s face it; when it comes to revamping rooms, size matters. Sadly, home extensions cost a fortune. On a brighter note, though, you can create the perception of larger living spaces by making simple practical updates. It may seem like you need to make huge transformations but the following ideas show that you can generate big change with minimal effort. Here are six of the best project to consider.

Lose bulky window covering

Windows play a central role in the home design as they protect your privacy, encourage natural lighting, and generally help set the tone. However, bulky full length curtains can make a room look far smaller. Window shutters are far more effective as they fit to the window frame. Aside from saving valuable floor space, they deliver an unmistakable sense of luxury. They’ll give you great flexibility between privacy and lighting too.


Choose retractable furniture

Smarter furniture choices are integral to your enjoyment of the room. The fact is that many of the items you use do not need to be at their full size for the majority of the time. Therefore, choosing retractable items can work wonders. It means that you can keep more space available on a daily basis while maintaining the function of larger products when required. Tables are the most likely solution, but chairs and other items can be included.

Opt for wall-mounted products

When you have lots of display cabinets or bulky TV units, it eats away at the floor space. Switching to wall-mounted items will quickly help you regain valuable space. Moreover, you should find that it brings a noticeable improvement in luxury and style. It is a modern and practical approach that is particularly useful for living rooms and dining areas. On a side note, you should find that the room is a lot easier to clean.


Cut down on clutter

Decluttering is one of the most effective ways to make a room look larger. It is a move that can be used throughout the home. Paperless billing and streaming services allow you to lose physical products. Meanwhile, craft photo storage ensures that your memories remain organised. They can either be stored out of sight or turned into display items. With fewer loose items around the home, you will see a difference.


The layout of a room can have a huge impact on your feelings towards it. You should look to create pathways to doors, or else the room can feel cluttered. Meanwhile, seating should be directed at clear focal points. This could be a TV, a coffee table, or another item. Sectioning off a room in the right way will also mean using alcoves and tight spaces very well. When you implement a winning layout in each room, the home will take on a new vibe.


Look for hidden storage

Finally, you can make a significant improvement by focusing on storage solutions. From high cabin beds in a child’s bedroom to ottomans for living rooms or conservatories, the options are plentiful. Finding hidden storage by making calculated furniture choices will remove a lot of pressure. You will no longer need to make current storage spaces work harder. When combined with some of the other tips above, success is assured.

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