Primark Haul | February 2022

After lots of holiday chat at work recently, we booked our first big family holiday the other weekend. We're so excited to get away for some sunshine (all fingers crossed). I knew it would be a bit early for much holiday shopping but thought I'd see what Primark had to offer first. I was actually quite surprised to see a few racks of swimwear in amongst the chunky knit jumpers. February can always be quite a rubbish time for shopping with stock being a bit in between seasons but I was happy with the few things I bought.

My first two buys make quite a good outfit and definitely something I'd wear in Turkey. I love a midi skirt and this leopard print one is such a versatile one. It's a little more casual than some of the satin style ones I've got. It's lightweight so good for abroad but could definitely be worn with tights while it's colder in Britain. It was £13 so about the average for a Primark dress, but maybe the going rate for a skirt too. The vest top is just a replacement for some of the old, tired, dull ones in my wardrobe right now. It was £1.80 and a staple for Spring/Summer outfits. 
There wasn't loads of Summer stuff in but I was quite impressed with the few swimsuits, bikinis and cover-ups that were there. I've already got plenty of bikinis and thought because this holiday is more likely to be focused on chasing after my toddler rather than lying back on a sun bed I went for a new swimming costume. This navy one was £12 and it feels good quality with the ribbed material and the "secret slimming". 

I was torn between buying a white shirt cover up or this long black kaftan style. I think I went for this one as it's more lightweight so suitable for wearing if we've been in the pool as it'll dry quickly. It was £12 and it's a maxi length but with short sleeves. Let's face it, I'll not have a lot of time for looking stylish by the pool or on the beach in a white shirt coverup so this one might be slightly more practical in the heat. 
This dress certainly doesn't look like much lying on the floor but it was on a mannequin in the shop and I'm glad it was or I might have walked straight past it. It's perfect for wearing with tights and boots just now but even though it's got long sleeves I'll definitely be wearing it in warmer weather. It's a sheer material but has a little black slip underneath. I love the neutral colours and ditsy animal style print but also the ruffles and added girlyness. A lovely dress for £13.  

I can't resist silky soft pyjamas. I've gone from a drawer full of bright character pyjamas from Primark to something a little more sophisticated. There was lots of neutral shades - a chocolate brown, a light nudey beige and this in-between almost purple shade. The trousers were £8 and the top was also £8 and they definitely feel a lot more luxurious than that. 

My last two purchases are very random. We needed a new hand towel for in our kitchen and you can't really beat Primark's prices. It's £2.50 and they always wash well. Grey and simple, just what I needed. Recently I've been enjoying using a sheet mask more regularly to help hydrate my skin. Primark still had some of these from their Christmas gifts and though they weren't reduced by much, from 80p down to 50p, they're a good price for a little pampering.   

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