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We didn't really have a 1st birthday for Ollie last year because of lockdown so I decided to put a little more effort into a 2nd birthday get together. The perfect theme to match in with some of his toys and 2nd birthday gifts was Toy Story or Two Infinity and BeyondEverything was done DIY and on a small budget, from the decor in our dining room, to the food table and little extras for the kids.

The Decor

Our first piece of decor made use of Ollie's new Buzz Lightyear toy that he got for his birthday. We also used the letter board we've had tucked away in our house since our wedding in 2018. It was only £6 from Primark and the perfect thing to add a little themed message on. Handy for a little photo too.

The rest of the decor was focused around a bright rainbow balloon arch. We made this ourselves with a kit from Shein for for less than £6! Unfortunately Shein don't seem to sell balloon arches anymore but you can get similar ones from eBay. It was lovely to have the balloon arch up in the space where our Christmas tree had been. Another perfect photo opportunity. 

We also added in a couple of boxes that we had from birthday and Christmas deliveries with Sunnyside and Ollie is 2 written on the outside. Yes, it took a cake to bribe him to go inside the box.

The Food

I got a lot of ideas for the party food from Pinterest. I got a little carried away linking each thing to a Toy Story character and making some little signs to go on the table with them. A full list of the food includes;

  • sausage rolls (Hamm's pigs in duvets)
  • Cheese pizza (Pizza planet delivery)
  • chocolate coins (Hamm's gold coins)
  • grapes (Gabby Gabby's grapes)
  • popcorn (Little Bow Peeps sheep)
  • Onions rings (RC Racer's wheels)
  • Crisps (Mr Potato head crisps)
  • cheese puffs (Al's cheese puffs)
  • fizzy worms (Woody's snakes from his boot)
  • Strawberry pencils (Buzz Lightyear's lasers)
  • Rolos stuck on chocolate thins with a chocolate chip (Woody's cowboy hats)

As for the cake we just went for a simple chocolate cake. With a birthday in January everybody's over loads of sweet stuff so we didn't want to spend a lot of money on something that might end up going to waste. I bought little Toy Story figures to decorate and make a cake topper with my Cricut machine. What more could you need?

Party Bags, Activities and the Invite

What's a kids party without a party bag? I bought plain green paper bags and added white vinyl oval shapes using the Cricut to turn them into Toy Story aliens. Inside I put Toy Story bubbles, stickers, a balloon and some sweeties. 

We had the Toy Story film playing in the background on Disney Plus and obviously had toys galore for the children to play with but I wanted to set up an activity table to keep them busy too. I made an Etch's colouring station sign and printed lots of colouring sheets from the internet. Colouring is definitely one of Ollie's favourite things to do.

I sent the invite out to our friends and family through WhatsApp and made it myself - my Etsy designs came in handy. 

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