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I didn't do much sale shopping this January. Normally I'd get a few things online and take advantage of some bargains but instead I decided to stock up on some essentials, and the odd treat of course. Just My Look had some really good discounts on different brands and I shouldn't need to buy shampoo, eyelashes or Yankee Candle smellies for a long time.

Lets start with the non-essential but something I've had my eye on. There's been hype around the Beautyworks Waver for a while but I could never justify the purchase. It's £69.95 but with 20% off and some birthday money burning a hole in my pocket I splashed out the £55.99. I've used it once already and it's good and creating a done hairstyle that's good for two days. Quick, easy and fuss free. 

I have a huge stash of hair products but one that is getting low is oil. I love a macadamia oil for smoothing, hydrating and conditioning my hair, especially if I'm using heat. I've not used Wella Reflections Hair Oil before but Wella is what they use at my hairdressers so I trusted it would be quite good. It had 33% off so was only £11.95 and it'll last for months, if not into next year.

I've been doing my own gel nails since last January although I've got a really good selection of colours I fancied something new. I've never tried Halo before but I liked the look of Halo Gel Polish in chic which is a light grey/nude. It was £6.59 so wasn't on sale but an affordable gel colour. I'm planning on using it next with some pink foil for a simple January nail. 

After a bit of a browse through the gel nail section I ended up putting the Kaeso Gel Polish Prep and Finish into my basic without realise I needed it (if I do, I'm not 100% sure). It was £4.49 instead of £7.35 and will hopefully make doing my gel manicures a little bit better. It says it's for sanitising and removing residue so I'm sure it'll be handy.

Obviously you always need shampoo and conditioner so I thought the January sale would be a good opportunity to stock up. I went for the Osmo Deep Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner set which has two massive bottles. They were £13.46 instead of £19.99 which is both a good bargain with 33% off but also a very reasonable price for 1000ml. 

My next purchase wasn't in the sale but one of the cheapest places I've seen to buy Fanola New Yellow Shampoo at £10.90 for 1000ml. Amazon have kept putting the prices up since I finished my bottle in the middle of December and it's my go-to purple shampoo. Glad to have it back in my shower.

I first tried the Kiss Falscara Eyelashes for my 30th birthday night out last November. I loved how easy they were to apply but because I didn't have the proper remover I didn't keep a single clump of lashes. I couldn't resist a 12 pair multipack of Falscara Eyelashes for £7.46 instead of £9.95. Still pricey but at least I've got the rest of the starter kit anyway.

I've always had dry skin and one of the products I've always seen to be raved about is Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Protectant. I nearly bought it last year but tried something different instead. Now that it was £14.90 instead of £29 I couldn't not get it. It's been helping already with a little face mask dry patch I've been struggling with.

I asked my husband for a Yankee Candle Sleep Diffuser Refill for Christmas and he ended up forgetting. It was a bit of a blessing because I ended up finding them on Just My Look for the lowest price I've seen for a while, £5.50 rather than £9.99. I bought it in Calm Night and Starry Slumber. Now I just need to decide which to use first.

I also bought a half price Yankee Candle Scent Plug In for £4.99 instead of £9.99. Instead of this being for my house it's actually for my classroom. Looking forward to smelling Pink Sands instead of smelly shoes and the post-PE fragrance... need I say any more?

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