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We would all love to save a bit more money from the household expenses, and what better way to do it than shaving some money off the monthly mortgage payments? This isn’t always straightforward, but it is possible when the time is right and by finding the best mortgage quotes.

Fixed-rate mortgages 

Fixed-rate mortgages are common for first-time buyers who don’t have much experience with the housing market; they allow you to pay a fixed monthly price for your mortgage regardless of whether the interest rates rise or fall. Many homeowners also use fixed-rate mortgages to save.  


If you keep good records and you have a strong credit rating, then you can sometimes get a lower than average fixed-rate mortgage from lenders; this means you will save money when interest rates rise and don’t lose out when they fall; remember to get Mortgage Quotes first.  


Variable-rate mortgages 

Variable-rate mortgages are the opposite of fixed-rate ones. Variable-rate mortgages rise and fall based on fluctuations in the interest rates, but while there is a good chance to save money, there’s also the danger that you will go through a period of higher than normal premiums. 


Despite this, variable-rate mortgages are a very good way of saving money on your home. The best way to go about deciding on a variable rate mortgage is to ask an expert. Expert mortgage advisors can give you an idea of where the housing market is likely to be in 5 or 10 years time.  


Buy-to-Rent Mortgages 

A mortgage on a property doesn’t have to be for you and your family; you can buy one and rent it out. This enterprise is a popular way of running a small business, buying a second property and investing further in the property market. Buy-to-rent properties can be a second income. 


To obtain a buy-to-rent mortgage, you have to convince lenders that you qualify for a second property; this means you have the finances and you understand the risks of investing in property. Again, the best place to start is with your lender, who can offer mortgage quotes.  


First Time Buyer 

If you’re a first-time buyer, you don’t want to miss the chance to save on your property. There’s good news; first-time buyers are eligible for offers and discounts that you won’t get, later on, so make the most of what’s on offer when you speak to lenders to organise mortgage quotes.  


First-time buyers will be eligible for a 5% deposit; of course, this means there is more capital to pay overall, but it allows you to get on the housing ladder more quickly. There is also support from governments for first-time buyers; they can even supplement the deposit in some cases.  



Remortgaging is also an excellent way to save money on your mortgage, free up some cash, or pay your mortgage off much sooner. For instance, you can switch from a fixed to a variable mortgage - talk to your lender about remortgaging and get some new mortgage quotes. 

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