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We all know how nice the result of a renovation can be; a new kitchen can knock years off a house and up value by nearly 20%, and a new bathroom can be cozy and comfortable to recline in. However, the process of renovating a home can take ages, and it can cost lots, and sometimes, you can seriously debate whether it’s worth it or not.  

And this debate occurs most often when you’re thinking about the exterior of your home. It’s often forgotten about when updating your home with a fresh look, and sometimes you’re too late in replacing the siding before the weather sets in! So, let’s settle this once and for all: when should you renovate your home’s exterior? 


When There are Cracks in the Roof

Any cracks in the roof need to be seen to as soon as possible; they could quickly turn into leaks of both water into the attic and insulation out of it! And seeing as the roof is typically hard to get to, that crack can turn into the loss of a total portion of the roof without you even knowing it. 


So be sure to call someone out to check on the roof, especially if there’s been a heavy storm, or you’ve noticed a few weird things when looking down from street level. The roof is the key to your home’s security, and a renovation is due when it’s breaking up. 


Before Water Damage Sets In

If you live in an area that’s typically cold, wet, and muddy, you’re more prime for an exterior upgrade than anyone else. After all, when these conditions set in, they can do a lot of damage to the structure of your home. The cold can make anything wet freeze and expand, which can lead to cracking, and if something is muddy most of the time, your home can start to sink into it! 


Which means it’s a good time to think about getting your driveway redone, at the least. Something like Resin Driveways would be a great fit here; if you regularly struggle to get your car out thanks to just how slippy and/or wet your curb tends to be, paving over with resin can help to wick away the puddles that tend to form and block you in. 


When the Windows and Doors are Outdated

How long have you lived in your home? And how long has it been since you last painted the door, or checked on the exterior window panes? Probably years! So when you think the time is right for an exterior renovation, be sure to check on these areas first of all. 


Is there any rotting wood? How scratched is the paint? How old do the windows and doors look compared to other homes in the area? Ask all of these questions, and if you don’t like the answers, it’s definitely time to renovate.  An exterior renovation can be expensive, but sometimes it’s absolutely necessary! 

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