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For a lot of women, there aren’t many things more alarming than noticing that your hair is looking thin. It’s normal to lose between 50 and 100 strands of hair a day, but more than that could be an issue. The culprit is usually nothing major, and be caused by anything from genetics to your styling choices. Thinning hair is often a cosmetic issue, rather than a health concern.

Hair loss affects a lot of women, especially after pregnancy or as they get older. They are many products and treatments that can help, from diet to medications. Did you know, you can get a hair transplant for women? If your hair is thinning, try using some of these tips to solve the problem. If they don’t help, your next point of call should be your doctor. 

Avoid Hairstyles That Pull On Your Hairline

Tight ponytails, braids, cornrows, or other styles that pull on the small hairs in your hairline can cause hair loss. These tight hairstyles pull on those delicate hairs of your hairline, which can cause thinning to happen. If you do need to put your hair up, use an elastic that doesn’t have metal. This helps to stop your hair from getting tangled in the metal, so it won’t be pulled out when you remove the elastic. 


Ditch Hair Tools That Use High Heat

Heat is hard on your hair. Heat causes bonds within the hair strands to fracture, causing brittle hair that will break and fall out. If you are going to use heat tools like curling irons, or hair straighteners, don’t leave them on one area of your hair for too long. Move the tool every ten seconds. If you can hear sizzling, or you’re burning your fingers, then the heat is too high, and you’re burning your hair too. Let your hair dry naturally as often as you can instead of using a hairdryer. Always use a heat-protecting spray whenever your use heat tools. 


Be Wary Of Chemical Processing

Chemical processing treatments can damage your hair, even the ones offered by hair salons. Chemically straightening your hair, bleaching, and lightening the hair all cause damage to the hair shaft, which then weakens the hair and can lead to hair loss. Try to stay with your natural style and color as closely as you can if you notice that you are experiencing hair loss or thinning. Chemical processes will only make the problem worse. If you often use chemical processing on your hair, make sure you also get a regular deep-conditioning treatment to keep your hair healthy. 

Check Your Pantry

Foods that are high in vitamins and minerals like iron, zinc, and vitamin B12 can all help to give your hair a lift. Make you sure are eating a diet that is packed with leafy greens, nuts, beans, fish, and lean meats. If you struggle to get any of these into your diet, for example, if you don’t eat meat, then a good dietary supplement can help to make sure you are getting all the nutrients that you need. 


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