Bag Trends | Autumn/Winter

When it comes to bags for this Autumn, there’s definitely one for every taste. XXL, mini, net, crochet, wicker and even ball-shaped bags. Anything goes this season in which the main thing is that each look has its perfect bag. They are practical, informal and versatile, which is why this season they are present in the collections of such prominent brands as Altuzarra or Etro and others such as Misako or Parfois. Even handbags handmade in France are also a classic choice. If we focus on the classic styles, the palm of this year goes to the recovery of crochet. These aim to become a new classic of the season season. Here’s the main 8 trends for 2021.

Wicker bags

If you are looking for the unconditional model of season , this is the wicker bag. Lovers of natural materials and rustic style will enjoy this style. If you prefer to give a more elegant touch to your look, choose those with details dyed in black. And not only that, there are firms that add other materials such as leather to make a difference.



Another of the classics that are trending this season are baggy crochet bags or, in other words, crochet bags. Anyone who opts for a boho-chic style, this one is perfect to complete their look. The proposals are endless, ranging from mini bags to bucket bags. Delicate and elegant options that remind us that our grandmothers were the pioneers in matters of style, and timeless also! 



If we are looking for a trend that will flood you all this season, it is the net fabric. And, how could it be otherwise, it has also reached handbags. The fever for vintage and craftsmanship comes with net bags, which more than a fashion could be considered a classic. These bags were created in Normandy in 1860 and have been used by women for decades to go to the market. These mesh bags are joined this season by the accordion-effect die-cut leather bag. Two versions of the same trend that will be part of our wardrobe, at least until the end of October.


In raffia

Another of the trend-setting materials, as far as bags are concerned, is raffia. If you join it, make it handcrafted and in XXL format, you are setting the trend. And you will do it with all kinds of formats that contain this material, be it the classic baguette, giving it a seasony look with a 90s touch, or the basket bag. In its traditional or mini version, even the baskets that are still booming at this time! 


Half Moon

If what you are looking for is a more sophisticated and not so informal touch, the most nostalgic women will find the definitive reference in the 90s, with the crescent-shaped bags.

We already brought it from autumn-winter, but this spring-season continues as one of the main trends. Those who know more about fashion already have one, do not delay in having yours.



Huge or XXL bags come back to our lives. They are already one of the most refined trends of the season. There are some with strong colors or with other more classic ones such as black, brown or gray. It is the perfect bag for day to day, especially if you usually carry your computer, agenda, tupper, toiletry bag. They are huge and often unstructured, but you can wear them over the shoulder or carelessly on the body, and you will never go unnoticed.



And on the opposite side, we find the micro bags or mini bags that are flooding the profiles of many “influencers”. Designers have moved from the small bag to even smaller dimensions. Hanging from the shoulder or in the hand, the minimal expression of the bag continues to gain followers, so take only the essentials when leaving home. In 2021, a bag can also be like a piece of jewellery afterall.


Tote Bags

Timeless classics are also trendsetting. For this reason, the tote bag is possibly today an immovable part of the catwalks. Decide on the style that identifies you the most and complete a total season look that will make you the center of all attention.  

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