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A Forbes Advisor report indicated that the average prices of homes in Scotland had increased by 14.6%. Even though there's been an upward adjustment, it hasn't deterred people from continuing to purchase residential properties. As proof, overall home purchases in the UK recorded a 7% growth from the beginning of the year to July. However, there are necessary factors to consider before choosing a home. That will ensure the suitability of the house for you and your family. Below are a few of them. 


When it comes to affordability, there are a few questions to ask. For example, how much will you be parting away to buy and maintain the property? Secondly, how much can you afford to pay a monthly mortgage without affecting your other necessary financial obligations? For example, if the house you are purchasing is farther away from your workplace, that will mean increased costs in commuting. The affordability of a residential property goes beyond its actual value. Therefore, take the proper steps to ensure you're not buying something more than you can afford to maintain in the coming years. 


Factor in the neighbourhood and surroundings

The property you set your eyes on forms a part of the community, and you must pay attention to that. How would you describe the setting? Does it conform to your preferences? If you love nature and would love to take early morning jogs without nosey neighbours, then you should look out for houses in such areas. When your dream home doesn’t fall within your neighbourhood preferences, it may be a bad idea to purchase the property. It takes away from the excitement of living in a place that gives you peace of mind.


Security features of the property

The safety features of a residential property must conform to the latest security trends. For example, you don't expect to buy a property with its exterior doors fixed with traditional padlocks. Those are easy to break, and burglars will have a field day knowing that the owners failed to keep up with the times. Moreover, windows, screen doors, and entry point doors should have an efficient locking system. Considering that 34 burglaries happen every hour within the UK, it explains why personal security is important. You are better off taking stringent measures than adding to the statistics of burgled victims.


Property age

According to Wikipedia, 21% of UK homes were built before 1919. Meanwhile, houses built in the years leading up to 1946 represent 38%. After the 2000s, a little over 7% of homes were constructed. This means that you are likely not to find many new houses that you can afford. Having this in mind, be wary of asbestos which used to be a common building component in the UK. In the long run, your focus should be on your health and your family's when you finally move in.


Buying a home is a significant investment you can make, reiterating the need to get it right. Hopefully, you’ll consider these factors for the best results. 

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