New Car | What suits you?

Injecting your own sense of style into every aspect of your life is an excellent way to reflect your personality in everything that you do. Your wardrobe and the clothes you choose to wear are not the only places to allow your personality to shine through. Instead, you can also take your sense of style a step further and choose a car that perfectly matches your tastes. Curating all of your belongings so that they represent your unique style is an excellent way to ensure you stand out from the crowd and to celebrate being you. Just as you shop for clothing that perfectly matches your tastes, your style can also be reflected in the car that you drive. 

Owning a car is about far more than merely having the means to travel from a to b. When you own a car, you have the opportunity to go where you please and the freedom to explore on your own terms. As your vehicle contributes to the outward impression that people make of you, it also makes sense to buy a car that you feel proud to be seen driving and which reflects your sense of style perfectly. If you plan to start shopping for a new car sometime soon, these tips will help you to choose a vehicle that exactly matches your style and makes you feel happy every time you drive it. 


When it comes to selecting your perfect car, the size matters. From a practical point of view, you need a vehicle that can accommodate everything you need it to. If you have kids this could mean having enough room inside for a pushchair and your food shopping, or maybe you have a hobby with equipment that you need to transport, such as a SUP. 


If you do a lot of your driving in the city, you may prefer a smaller vehicle so that you can manoeuvre through the traffic more easily and nip into tight parking spaces.


The size of your vehicle also matters from an aesthetic point of view. Some people love the feeling of driving a larger car and prefer the styling of SUV-style vehicles. But, for others, a smaller, sportier vehicle is the perfect match for their sense of style. 



When looking for a car that matches your style, you will need to consider the specifications. When you visit your Nearest Vauxhall Dealer, you will be able to select from a vast choice of trim levels to help you match your new vehicle to your exact needs and style.



If you have a colour that you adore, then why not choose a vehicle that is in your favourite shade? Driving around in a car that is a colour that you love will make you feel great and boost your mood whenever you see it. Alternatively, if you like cars that make a sophisticated statement, then maybe you could opt for a monochrome choice and stick with classic black or stylish white.

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