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After my quite subtle, but absolutely amazing Opal Rainbow nails last month I decided to go a little extra with my nails and have some Halloween nail art for October. My next nail appointment will be just a few days after Halloween so I won't be rocking pumpkins too far into November so I thought, why not? Again I've taken inspiration from As Pretty As Nails By Kelly on Instagram but put my own twist on the rest of the design. 

So let's start with the accent nail. The Halloween design. It's just a bit of fun in what might be a quiet month. All of the nails started off with BIAB Lady but this was then the base colour for the ring finger.  It's got a slight tint of purple. Then a whole selection was needed for the Halloween characters. Vixen for the pumpkins, daisy for the ghosts, stars, dots and crosses and then Jet Black for outlines, moons, crosses and dots. All of the designs are hand painted using a detail brush and dotting tool. Patience of a saint!

Purple seems to be quite on trend right now and there's something about purple that gives me Halloween and Autumn vibes too. On my pinky and middle finger I've got Pastel V005 which is a gorgeous lilac. Then a deeper purple on my index finger which is April. These two colours would be quite good together if you were doing an ombre design too.

It wouldn't be my nails without a drop of glitter. On my thumb is April again but with Esme, a Magpie Beauty glitter, on top. This is a mix of purple and blue fine glitters, perfect with my purple design but also quite a good one for Winter.

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  1. I love these nails - they are so cute! I think purples and oranges look so good together for Halloween. :) Thanks for sharing!
    Jenna ♥
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