Engagement Rings | 5 Types

 Stuck for an engagement ring? Don’t know which type to get? Well, you are entering into an interesting but very expensive category of jewellery. It's best to pay attention to the certain types of stones, styles, materials, and cultures that rings come from if you want to know what a ring’s true value is. Don’t be dazzled by the twinkles in the glass cases. Don’t be reeled in by the price. We recommend that you sit back and read through the 5 most popular types of engagement rings before you make up your mind, or start dropping hints. 


Quite clearly, the most popular type of ring because of its sheer power to brighten up a room. The diamond ring is perhaps your choice if you want to sparkle, twinkle and shine all in one and not much else to take away from all of that. Diamond rings are usually reserved for the wedding ring but engagement rings that have diamonds as the main precious stone are still going to draw in the customers. Because diamonds are ‘white’ in colour, matching it with silver is a good choice for the engagement, and leaves you gold for the wedding ring.



The ruby ring is very popular because it has connotations about lust, love, anger and passion. The ruby ring has significance in many cultures but mainly, Italian (specifically Roman), Russia and countries such as Greece and Turkey. Why? Well, it's a stone that is symbolic of many ancient gods which you mainly find in the Mediterranean and Baltics. It's a stone of power, and also eternal love. It should be paired with gold and never silver if you can help it. 



The green precious stone is very popular in countries like Ireland, China and South Africa. The stone is quite rare and can only be found in places such as Columbia, Afghanistan and Brazil. These are all hot countries and have unique minerals that have been able to compound and form this kind of green complexion. Emeralds are associated with things such as good luck, stoic loyalty and friendship.



Blue is the color of royalty, which is why the British family have a large collection of sapphire rings, necklaces, and bracelets. Princess Diana had sapphire earrings that are world-famous for their quality. Sapphire is by far the best stone to pair with silver or even diamonds. Blue is so regal and refreshing, that it can be worn with almost anything. Sapphire’s meaning is of deep love, admiration, respect, grace, to name a few.



The most modern type is the custom engagement ring. You can make a ring purely based on your desires. Just enquire online and you can be shown a range of options for ring bands, precious stones, decorations, sizes, styles and prices. They will educate you on the various designs so you know which type fits your personality and or lover’s character. It's an easy process which can all be done over the phone, in person or via email.

These 5 modern engagement ring types are the most popular because they offer something unique in their right. Which one would you prefer, or would you like to make your own?

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