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So now that we're officially in Autumn and it's not likely that I'll be going out out anytime soon there's not been much need for fake tan. The short sleeves have been replaced by jumpers and cardigans so it's tempting to embrace the pale. But there's something about that healthy glow on your face that I can't resist. Sun kissed skin can leave you looking more awake even if you didn't get that full nights sleep. 

The risky thing about using a facial tan is the possibility of looking orange not glowy and leaving your skin greasy, blocking your pores and leading to breakouts. Thankfully whilst using Tanologist Gradual Oil over the past month I've not had any of those issues.

The Tanologist self tan overnight treatment gets to work with as little at 6 drops directly onto your face to brighten, rejuvenate and hydrate. This vegan, organic and cruelty free tanning product has quickly become my Autumn skincare must have.

I've been mixing a few drops of the Tanologist oil with my moisturiser at night and I've found that works best for my skin. Obviously the more drops you use the darker your tan will turn out and because I'm quite pale too many drops can start to turn orange. It's so easy to use though and has been perfect for my sensitive skin. Just remember to wash your hands after using it!

Because I've been using the oil with moisturiser it's hard to tell whether the product would be drying however it certainly hasn't been heavy or given me any spots! The Tanologist website talks about their products being non-comedogenic which basically means it doesn't clog pores. 

I've heard quite a few people talking about a similar sort of product by Tropic Skincare but for the same amount of product it's £22 whereas the Tanologist oil is only £13.99. I know what I'd rather be paying right now. Tanologist is available on Boohoo so if you're updating your wardrobe for the new season why not pop a Tanologist oil in your basket too?

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