Primark Haul | August 2020

Last week we went away on our staycation and although it was centred around visiting friends and family I made sure to visit Primark. With most other places having online shops it's only Primark that I've not been able to get to since March. I did my research before with a little Wishlist but I didn't manage to find too much from it. Instead I seemed to buy lots of basics, though I didn't take photos of my multiple new pairs of socks and bras...

There was quite a nice selection of girly tops and dresses. Lots of pastel colours and florals. Annoyingly though their sizes were a little all over the place in the Fort Kinnaird store. I bought a couple of chiffon, blouse tops. The floral print top is a peplum top with puff sleeves which is very on trend for this season. It's £11. 

There was a few blouses with the little spot textures. I wanted to get a mint green one but they didn't have my size so I gravitated towards the cream blouse with frills instead. I saw a really similar one on the New Look website for £17.99 so I was quite happy with it being £13.

Is it possible to go into Primark without being sucked in by the pyjamas? Seems it's not the case for me as I came out with a new set. I quite like their silky pyjamas, they always look more expensive than they are and quite often the floral print reminds me of Ted Baker. The black floral print shorts and vest top were separate and cost £4.50 each. £9 for a little girly pyjama set isn't too bad at all. 

I recently got a pair of ripped Mom jeans from New Look and wanted a couple of T-shirts to wear with them. The navy T-shirt is a blouse style material, really lightweight and simple. A good quality top for £6. The Smile T-shirt is from the Stacey Soloman range and it's only £5. I bought a few of the baby boy items from the range but decided against getting a matching top!

Onto the basics and stocking up. My most worn tops are the blouse style vest tops from Primark. I've got them in loads of colours and they are perfect for so many different style of outfits. The only thing that makes these ones different is the fact that they've got a higher neckline. More suitable for work perhaps. I got an orangey shade and a black one. They're only £4 each.  

More must haves from Primark. I stocked up on the Black Super High Waist Skinny Jeans. They're only £10 and such a good fit. I bought them in two different lengths but both work well for me. You don't mind too much if they only last a few months but I quite often dye my ones when they start to fade.

I had a bit of a browse around the beauty section and homeware sections and got a few random bits and bobs. I started off trying to choose something from the Andrew Fitzsimons range of haircar products. I went for a hair repair mask that was £3.50. I'm looking forward to trying it out.  I've never tried the Scented Room Sachets from Primark. I loved the Madagascan Vanilla scent and I thought £1.50 was quite good for one that lasts up to 4 weeks. I think I'll hang it in my wardrobe.

The mirror photo frame was reduced from £3.50 down to £2 and it's perfect for a little family photo in our living room. The £5 Pink Peony Scented candle will probably sit next to it. The last thing I bought was the Disney Pixar Weekly Planner. I was delighted to find it after having it in my Wishlist. It's already on my fridge keeping our meals planned. £3.50 well spent.


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