New Nails | Pink & Print

It's new nails day again. After going months without having nice nails I could have quite happily kept my rainbow ombre nails for another couple of weeks but new nails day is definitely exciting. I did a little search through Instagram for some inspiration and that 20 minutes soon turned into an hour and about 10 screenshots. I narrowed it down and went for a Pink and Print design with my own little tweaks.

My favourite pink for my nails has been The Gel Bottle Petal for years now. It's such a gorgeous pastel pink and looks amazing with so many different glitters and designs. I had it for last years' Valentine's set, some Spring Florals and my post-wedding nails. We put Petal on four of my nails and kept the middle finger for some glitter.

The design that I was inspired by had gold but I'm much more of a silver person so went for The Gel Bottle Bling. It's a silver shade with high coverage and foil style specks. This was the perfect polish to use alongside some silver foil...

On my pointer finger I've got a little bit of Essence Glitter Silver Leaf. I've also got it on my thumb and ring finger as part of my abstract and animal print design. The design started off with two blocks of white. This can either be done with The Gel Bottle Daisy or Brillbird GO01. The foil was then added before the black was added last.

Animal print is so popular in nails right now. I must admit I thought about getting leopard print again. I'm also quite liking the look of tortoise shell or zebra print but I went with a cross between cow print, Dalmatian print and plain old polka dots! This diagonal design was done with The Gel Bottle Jet Black and applied with a dotting tool. I love how they turned out.

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