Blue Coffee Box | Subscription Review

Anyone else not able to function in the morning without a cup of coffee? My staffroom at work used to be full of people rushing around in the morning getting a coffee in order to be able to achieve anything and I didn't really get it... Until we had our baby. Now don't get me wrong our baby boy is a good sleeper on the whole, but I feel like Mum life involves waking up through the night to check on them even if they're sound asleep. And then my day typically starts at 6am so finding a boost to get my day started is a must and Blue Coffee Box* knows exactly how to turn a sleepy struggle into a good day.

Blue Coffee Box is a UK based gourmet coffee subscription which delivers speciality, luxury coffees that you're not likely to pick up in the supermarket safely through your letterbox. The coffees come from all over the world and are UK roasted. You can choose from beans or a variety of grinds to suit how you like your coffee prepared. I chose the cafetière box which comes with two different coarse grind coffees.  You then get to choose from a light, medium or dark roast or like I did, the surprise me option. The last way to personalise your subscription is by choosing how often you'd like a box - fortnightly, monthly or every two months.

The first coffee we tried was the Inza Lot 1 from Campbell and SymeThis Columbian coffee has notes of blackberries, lime, brown sugar and dark chocolate. I could definitely taste the dark chocolate. This was my husband's favourite of the two and I'd say it's more suited to those who like a stronger coffee. The second coffee was Cusco from The Gentleman Baristas. This coffee came from Peru and had notes of cashew butter, dates and honeydew melon. This was my favourite out of the two. It was quite refreshing, it tasted fruity and it was definitely the milder coffee out of the two. It was really nice to try something new and flavours I wouldn't normally get to try. 

The packaging is sleek. The box fits through the letterbox, the bags secure well so there's no spillage disasters and there's a little info card giving you all the details about the coffees. It really does feel like a treat and would make a good gift. Postage is free within the UK and really quick, just a couple of days. You can also order internationally and prices vary from £1.99 to £6.99 in the US. I love that the coffees are all ethically sourced. The business uses direct trade which means the farmers get paid much more than even Fair Trade prices. 

A box costs from £15.49 per month or you can subscribe to just a coffee bag if you don't get through quite so much coffee. Each bag has 227g of coffee. It costs £16.99 for a month by month subscription and you can save yourself a bit of money by signing up to 3 or 6 months. You can order a subscription as a gift as well, it just takes a few clicks. Whether you want to try it out yourself or know a coffee lover who'd enjoy widening their selection you can order from Blue Box Coffee and save £3 off any product with the code JS3.

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