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I’ve recently opened my own Etsy shop, Oh So Printed, after a bit of persuasion from my friends. I’ve loved making designs for quite some time now, from my wedding invites and stationery to greetings cards and more recently personalised prints for my friends. The thought of starting up was quite daunting and there was quite a few things I was worried about.
Sending prints in the post can be a bit of a nightmare, as they can end up damaged, torn, wet or folded. As a seller of prints, this can be a scary thought, as you want your product to arrive safely to the customer. Else this may lead to refunds and a bad reputation in terms of reviews. With this being said, there’s quite a few easy solutions for sending out prints and keeping customers coming back.

Cardboard envelopes 

A great place to start with sending out unframed prints is in a cardboard envelope, these not only provide a cost-effective way to send out your products, but they’re also more likely to protect against tearing, water damage and bending them can be a lot more difficult. Lil Packaging offers a variety of different sized cardboard envelopes, perfect for finding the ideal size for your product. Offering extra large sizes such as A1 and A2, ideal for larger prints as well as standard sizes.    

Another amazing thing about these mailers are that they’re completely plastic-free, which is a huge plus. Even the seal is completely free of plastic and is self-seal! 

Make it personal  

If you’re sending out a print to your customer, as opposed to them printing it themselves which I offer as an option too, you want to make the experience that extra bit special. You can do this by adding a handwritten note, thanking the customer for their order. If you’re looking to wow your customers further, why not offer them an exclusive discount code. This not only encourages them to come back to purchase from you again but also prompts them to advise friends and family to shop with you too.  

Add a free gift

My final idea for creating the perfect packaging experience includes a free gift. If you’re a small business, it’s always worth looking for something which promotes your shop whether it’s a sticker set, a postcard or another print. By offering these, they may be posted on social media and work as free advertising for your brand.

I’d love for you to visit my Etsy shop and leave any of your side hustles in the comments too.

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