Salt Lamps | What are the Benefits?

Until recently the only place you'd find Himalayan sea salt in my house was in the kitchen. But when Ollie turned 6 months (and wouldn't stop rolling over in his next to me crib) we moved him into his own room and so his thermometer went too. I didn't realise how much we actually quite liked the glow and started looking for an alternative. I stumbled upon salt lamps* and quickly found out that it wouldn't just replace the glow we'd gotten used to.
What are salt lamps
Salt lamps are made from chunks of salt that have been mined underground in Pakistan near the Himalayan mountains. The salt was formed millions of years ago. It has a distinct color of pink. The salt is handcrafted into a shape of a lamp and the inside is hollowed out to fit a light fixture inside. Once the light fixture s place, a wooden base is attached to hold the lamp together. Once the lamp is lit it has a beautiful orange glow that bring a relaxing feel into your home.

These lamps are perfect as a nightlight as the glow is not too bright and often helps people to sleep. Many people that practice yoga or meditation will use these salt lamps to help them be more relaxed and bring a more relaxing feel into their space. Over recent years salt lamps have gained popularity due to its claimed health benefits.
Himalayan salt lamp health benefits
Many people believe that salt lamp acts as an ionizer, which is beneficial for people's health. People believe that the ions act with dust, pollen, and dirt in the air and it is believed that a salt lamp will help clean the air in people's homes. People that struggles with asthma or hayfever will see the benefits of having these lamps in their home.
Another benefit of having a salt lamp in your home it acts as a mini humidifier as the salt attracts moisture. These lamps are beneficial for people living in damp homes and reduce moisture from the air. People will often find their salt lamp wet or some water around the base.
People are very ware of pollution from electrical goods that produce electromagnetism. It is believed that these salt lamps reduces pollution from electrical goods.
The lamp has a gentle orange glow that helps people relax, people that struggle with anxiety, and depression would benefit from having these lamps.
Different sizes and styles
Salt lamps are measured by its weight, each one is hand-carved you would be getting a one of a kind lamp. The smallest salt lamp weighs around 1kg and this is perfect on the table or by the bedside. The largest salt lamp weighs around 50Kg this is a free-standing lamp.
You can also get small USB lamps that been carved into a shape of a heart, turtle, dolphin, and much more. These little USB salt lamps are perfect in the office and will help reduce stress levels.
If you are looking to purchase a salt lamp be sure to visit for loads of options.
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  1. I love Salt Lamps! I have them in each room. I'm not sure how true the benefits really are but I think they're softer than normal lamps which let me power down easier as well as looking amazing so anything else on top of that is just a bonus!

    Viki -