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My dressing room became the spare room last Summer when we began decorating Ollie's nursery. The double bed was moved into the corner and what used to be a room packed full of my clothes and beauty products became a little more divided. I've tried to make some little changes to help make the dressing room and spare room become a bit more inviting. upcycled the fitted wardrobes during lockdown. Changing the tired, dull off white doors to a light grey and switching the old fashioned gold handles for some sleek copper ones has led to me thinking about the other changes I'd make. 
The thing I hate the most is the carpet. It's been in the room since we bought the house and it's fair to say I would never choose to have a grass green carpet in my dressing room. I've looked at a few options of what I'd replace it with. We have hard wood style flooring downstairs in our house and it's really convenient for keeping clean. Hoovering up hair is a constant task around my dressing table and I think getting rid of the carpet would help. I was quite impressed by parquet flooring prices and I think it would look a lot more modern. Does anyone have wood flooring in a bedroom? Does it take away from the cosiness of carpet in a bedroom?
The double bed in the corner of the room takes up lots of space. I'm torn to whether it's best to keep it and up-cycle it next or whether to replace it. If I was to keep it and give it a new lease of life I'd like to spray the frame from a chrome colour to copper, matching in with the wardrobes. If I was to replace it I quite like the idea of a day bed, perhaps one that folds out into a double bed. That way it wouldn't take up much space on any everyday basis but if we were to have people to stay there's still a spare bed. The bad thing about that would be the under-bed storage the I've got just now would be no more...
The dressing table in the corner of the room is often over run with products and could do with a few changes. There's absolutely nothing wrong with the table, it was quite a good price from eBay and is still going strong. I do however need to get some better storage for on it or next to it so that products don't look so disorganised. The corner can also be quite dark so I'd quite like to do a bit of an upcycle with lights to transform the mirror into more of a Hollywood style mirror. Any one got any advice on what supplies to use?
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