Primark Wishlist | Post Lockdown

It's mad to think I've been in Primark once in 2020. I don't live anywhere near a Primark so we didn't actually go to one until the middle of March and thank goodness we did or else I think the withdrawal symptoms would have been even worse through lockdown. We're finally thinking about a little trip out of our town at the beginning of August and although it won't be a browse and wander like I'm used to, I'll definitely be making a visit to Primark.

Obviously stock is a bit all over the place and I'm not sure what will be in stores but thankfully we're going to the one at Fort Kinnaird in Edinburgh which is quite big. Fingers crossed I'll be able to find some goodies.
I'm still not over the comfort of lockdown clothes so I think I might see if I can get a jumper like the Oatmeal Knit Hoodie. It's a lovely neutral shade and looks like really soft material. It's £13 so doesn't sound like their basic range.

There seems to be an influx of Disney products, and I'm particularly interested to see what Toy Story stuff is in for littles ones. Ollie already has a few Toy Story themed things. When I spotted the Pixar Weekly Planner on their website I thought it would be good for keeping track of Ollie's weaning and our meal planning. It's £3.50 which is pretty standard for a weekly planner let alone a Disney one.

I have a pair of ripped jeans quite similar to these Ripped Mom Jeans but unfortunately they are from the month or two pre-wedding and so they're pre-baby too. I can squeeze into them but they certainly don't look like they should so I think I might just have to spend the £15 to get myself a new pair.

Really I could do with a good wardrobe clear out and get rid of all my basic vest tops that are looking faded and dull. Then I'll be able to buy some new basics for under tops and wearing with cardigans and jumpers like the Pink Racer Bodysuit. I'm pretty sure they have these £5 bodysuits in black and white too.

I really don't need another dressing gown, I could almost wear a different one each day of the week, but that doesn't stop me looking. The white floral satin robe looks perfect for the warmer months. It might even be good for a bride or bridesmaids on the morning of a wedding. £14 is a good price for them too.

July seems far too late to buying my sandals for the year but we've not really needed them much so far. I bought some sliders but they were too narrow for my feet so hopefully the £6 blush toe loop sandals would be a good fit and a comfortable option.
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