New Nails | Pastel Ombre Rainbow

Lockdown was the longest I've gone without having my nails done in so many years. I did my best to try and keep up the gel nails at home so that they stayed strong but it's just not the same doing your own nails. So when nail salons were allowed to reopen you can bet I was first in line. I'm so lucky that my nail tech is my best friend so I literally was first. And now I finally have amazing nails again and I'm in love with them.

I certainly had plenty of time to choose my design and a bit of looking through Instagram led to me wanting pretty much every colour. So that's pretty much what I've got. My post lockdown nails are a pastel ombre rainbow design.

Before we even got started choosing colours I was so excited to get some tips put on and Builder in a Bottle. My nails had been mostly my own for years just with the odd tip for when I had a break. Now I've got a full set of tips until my own nails grow nice and long again. My nails actually grow so well with a little help from BIAB to keep them strong.

Now for the colours, they're all The Gel Bottle shades. Starting with my thumb, which reminds me of a refresher bar or some sort of chewy sweetie. The pastel yellow is  Queen Bee  and it's been blended into Pastel V101 which is a gorgeous coral pink colour. The next nail then starts with Pastel V101 and blends into June.

June is quite a pale pinky purple shade and it blends well into Marilyn on my middle finger. Marilyn is quite a Barbie pink sort of colour, nice and bright and perfect for the middle of my rainbow. Marilyn then blends into another shade from the Pastel Collection, Pastel V005.

Pastel V005 is a lilac and it's on my ring finger and my pinky, blending into Pastel V082 which is a sky blue. On top of all the nails I've got the Extreme Shine Top Coat but there's also a coat of Diana which a sheer white. Apparently this is really good on colour fade designs like my pastel rainbow. We're not 100% sure why but I certainly think my nails look good.
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