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We're heading off on a little staycation next week and I wanted to get a couple of new dresses, tops and shoes to potentially take. New Look is always one of the first places I look and with my free delivery pass it works out being an affordable option, even if I end up buying things in two separate orders (which I did) or if have to make a return.

Starting off with the dress that made me do two orders. The first thing I added to my basket was the AX Paris Mint Green Spot Dress. I absolutely love it. I'd had a few adverts for womens polka dot dresses on social media recently. However, I don't have any dresses in this colour and I thought it would be the perfect dress for any days out, tights or no tights depending on the weather. Before I got the chance to check out it was sold out. I was gutted and almost ditched the rest of my basket. I just so happened to look the next day and it was back in stock but only in one size, a size bigger than I am... I bought it anyway, it was worth trying. It doesn't actually look too bad and it's definitely comfortable but I thought I might as well check back on the website one last time. Now my actual size was in stock and so I've bought it! £35 is a little more than I'd usually spend on a 'day dress' so I want to get the right fit.
I seemed to be drawn to quite a lot of the AX Paris range. I bought two of their tops and the first was the AX Paris Leopard Print Top. The print isn't too in your face and very different from any of the other leopard print tops I have. I quite liked the high neck and thought it would be quite a good option for going out for dinner and dressier outfits. Unfortunately it's really shapeless and though it actually doesn't look too bad in the photos it was doing me no favours. 

Puff sleeves are everywhere right now so the next AX Paris top I got was the Cream Puff Sleeve Top. I had no idea if this was going to suit me. From the photo it looked like it was going to be a dressy top and looked good quality material. I'm a little torn though... the material creases so much and actually doesn't feel amazing. I love the sleeves and the top as a whole but maybe it's just too big for me. Both tops are £25 each so too much to spend to sit in my wardrobe unworn. I'm tempted to try the cream one in a smaller size.

Back to dresses. I bought a couple more long sleeve day dresses. It's obviously a style I'm quite liking right now. I chose the Black Floral Spot Dress for a couple of reasons. A wrap style dress is normally quite a flattering shape. The monochrome print is quite versatile, I'll be wearing this in the Winter, not just the Summer. The long sleeves mean it's an outfit in one, I'm not worrying about being cold and thinking I could do with a cardigan, though a jacket will probably be necessary 80% of the time. A lovely little dress for £17.24.

Next I picked out a Pink Floral Dress. It looks so girly and perfect for the Summer. I really like that the sleeves on this one are chiffon so even more Summer suitable than the black and white one. Unfortunately I'm not 100% sure on this dress. The ruffles are just not in the right place for me, I feel like it doesn't suit my body shape. Cinched in at the waist and ruffled at the bottom definitely suits me more. I paid £19.49 so quite a good price but it's just not working for me. 

My last purchase was a pair of sliders. I bought a pair of slip on sandals from New Look a couple of months ago but I could barely get my feet inside them. It's not like I'd bought the wrong size either. With that I realised I'd probably have to get a wide fit pair and waited to find another pair that I really liked. Finally these Cream and Diamante Sliders were in stock and I love them. A pair of shoes like these make an outfit of jeans and a top look so much more summery and put together. They're down to £17.99 but hopefully I'll get to wear them lots in the next couple of months.
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