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I'm actually quite impressed with myself that this is my 4th set of empty products. I started back in April in an attempt to downsize my beauty product stash but also to try and encourage myself to use what I've already got instead of buying more products. It's definitely helped especially when it comes to skincare. I can't believe how many full products I actually have hidden away.
You can tell we've had some good weather recently by the time this product is used up. We got this last year before we went on our Babymoon to Turkey. My husband uses it too and it works much better on his skin but I can try! This isn't an SPF so we use it on top of our suncream. I've got a full review from 2018 when we were on our first bottle, now that the second is done I'll be buying a third.

My shower looks strange now that this conditioner isn't in it anymore. This was a huge bottle and has lasted for such a long time. I've used this conditioner a couple of times in the past few years and first mentioned it on here in 2015. I'm sure I bought this mammoth bottle in B and M and it cost less than £10, in fact £7.99 rings a bell. I would buy this again but right now I've got a few others in my stash to use up first.

Another hair product all used up and this time its a shampoo. This was in my favourites at the beginning of May and I spoke about how this was an affordable shampoo, a bit of an impulse buy but actually a really good one for helping keep my hair healthy and frizz free. Again I've got a couple of shampoos in my stash that I'm looking forward to using, like the HairBurst products for hair loss and hair growth. I would definitely buy this one again in the future though.
I normally gravitate towards liquid concealers but I bought this concealer more for 'special occasion' makeup. I actually think I bought it before my wedding because it was highly rated for concealing everything and I wanted to have something suitable for just in case. I actually loved it and it really was great for covering redness, blemishes and dark circles. It's also really long lasting and is water resistant so good for a night out. Now that this is finished I'll be keeping my eye out for it being on offer so I can buy it again.

I didn't like this eye makeup remover unfortunately. I found it didn't take my normal mascara off particularly well let alone tackling waterproof mascara. This exact one seems to be discontinued but I wouldn't have bought it again anyway. That's not to say I wouldn't try one of Garnier's other eye makeup removers as I love their Micellar water and Moisture Bomb products. 

Does anyone else seem to have a big stash of Benefit minis? I think because I've had quite a few gift sets and the Benefit Advent Calendar over the years that the number of them in my dressing table and random makeup bags is huge. Because of that I don't ever seem to finish one as I have loads on the go. I'm making more of a conscious effort to use one up at a time. That Gal is my favourite Benefit primer because of my dry skin. I won't be needing to buy anymore for a while though...
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