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I've talked about wanting to paint the tiles in our main bathroom before. It's the only room in the house that's been left completely untouched since moving into the house. It's a pinky peach colour and completely tiled. I don't like it but it works and getting a brand new bathroom is simply not going to happen in the near future. Painting the tiles is a compromise. I've still not managed to get a hold of a tile paint yet but I've made a start on glossing the woodwork from a hideous shade of pink to white. While I was having a little look through Pinterest and Instagram for some advice on what paint is best and how to do it I've stumbled upon a whole other project idea.

Our downstairs bathroom has had a lick of paint and I've covered up the patterned tiles with tile stickers and on the whole it's not too bad a room. However... I now want to paint the tiles from a creamy beige colour to white and add a hint of copper to the room. I've since browsed all the high street homeware sections and little online stores for all the copper accessories that I need for my bathroom. 

The most expensive thing that I want, but the thing that I think would make the biggest difference to the room is the shelf with mirror. It's £39.95 from Melody Maison and would  be a bit of a statement item.

Right now I've got a silver light shade and although I really like it, it would look very out of place with everything being change. This Pendant Light Shade is £5.99 from the Range which is actually the cheapest thing out of everything!

I stumbled across the website Home Essentials and was really impressed by the Toothbrush Holder and matching Soap Dispenser. The toothbrush holder doesn't look too big which is perfect as it would only be for Ollie's toothbrush and toothpaste and it is £6.25. The soap dispenser is £7 and quite a good way to keep things looking tidy but also matchy matchy.

There's not loads of counter space in the bathroom so I think if I got the shelf I might not need to get the little makeup Mirror but it's only £9 from Asda so definitely worth checking out if you're looking for a new mirror. 

Unfortunately the Pedal Bin isn't quite the right colour to match in well with the rest of the accessories. It's £10 from Dunelm and maybe because it would be quite far away from everything else it might just work. 

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