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I shared all about the 25% Off event at New Look and of course I was going to get in on the action. I actually added a few things to my basket then waited until the Monday giving me a chance to think about which of the things I really wanted. Much less impulsive and meant I spent a little less. I also had a 15% off discount code for River Island so I bought a couple of bits from there too...

This first blouse actually wasn't in my basket to start with and I stumbled upon it a bit by chance. It's a cream high neck blouse with a floral print and I thought it was really pretty. It's the sort of thing I'd wear at work with black jeans but also at the weekend heading out for lunch or dinner (oh it's been a while). The neutral colours make it the sort of thing I'd wear all year round. It was £19.99 full price but I feel like £15 is much more justified . 

Next purchase was the Animal Print Woven T-Shirt that was in my Wishlist. I thought it would be quite a nice top for Summer as the animal print has lighter tones. I love the blouse style but I've just got too many this style and fit. I've got a floral one, a confetti dot one and a couple of plain ones. I'd definitely recommend it as a casual top to wear with jeans but this is one too many for me. Note to self, don't order any more! 
This monochrome spotted jumpsuit was in my other post and I spoke about how handy a jumpsuit is for Summer. Obviously I'm not on the look out for holiday clothes this year so a cropped jumpsuit is probably going to get more wear than a playsuit, especially in Scotland. I was loving that this came in petite as well as in the core range (and tall) as my legs are always too short for culottes. Unfortunately this ended up being too big. I wasn't sure whether to get an 8 or a 10 and because it's petite I thought 10 would be safest... I was wrong. This is definitely made big.

My friends and I have been doing a lot of chat about skincare and haircare. I've been loving my no heat curls but it got me thinking I could do with replacing my hair turban and the  Argan Oil Infused Hair Towel seems to have a few benefits. I've already started using it and the microfibre material definitely helps dry my hair quicker. I'm not sure whether it's 10 weeks of no heat or whether it's the towel but my hair seems less frizzy.

When it comes to high waisted skinny jeans I've got two favourites: Primark and River Island. On opposite ends of the scale for prices but they are both my favourite for fit. I was going to get a pair from New Look but after trying theirs a couple of times before I decided not to waste the money and go with something I was guaranteed to like. I won't be going to Primark any time soon so instead I took advantage of 15% off and splurged. I bought a pair of blue Kaia High Rise Jeans at the start of last year and loved them so thought I should buy a pair of black ones seeing as I wear black jeans most days. They're perfect and with the discount they were less than £30. Another basic that I ordered was a black lace V neck test top. It's £10 but with the discount I got it for £8.50. I think this is another one that I'd recommend sizing down. 

My last purchase other than a couple of baby boy bits in the sale was a sale purchase for myself. Right now River Island doesn't have a sale section but if you're looking for something specific then you can find their discounted items. For me I fancied getting a new midi skirt for in the Summer and if we manage to do a bit of socialising. I already have a leopard print one but I was loving how bright and fun the pink twist front midi skirt is. It was £15 down from £32 and because it's petite it's a much better length for me.
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