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I've got a few Slimming World related posts on my blog from the past few years. I started Slimming World in 2017 and lost 2 stone. I kept a few of my Slimming World habits going strong while I was pregnant but inevitably I put on weight. I got back on plan by the time Ollie was about 5 weeks old and we were getting into a routine. Unfortunately lockdown has made being 100% on plan a bit tricky but I'm making slow and steady progress. If you're looking for some ideas here's my Slimming World Week of Food.

On a Saturday morning I tend to have toast. This week I had banana on one slice and butter on the other. This kept the syns low at about 1.5syns for my Lurpak Light and the toast was my Healthy Extra B. I had the leftover banana with strawberries and of course a cup of tea. On Sunday morning I had porridge with banana and strawberry. I much prefer Golden Syrup porridge but don't want to part with 10 syns for it so instead I add a tablespoon of Walden Farms Caramel Syrup. It's syn free and perfect for adding a bit of flavour to my Healthy Extra B porridge. I also make this with almond milk so my Healthy Extra A goes a little further. 

Through the week I have the same breakfast everyday - a mammoth fruit salad. My fruit salad has grapes, strawberries, blueberries, satsuma, apple and raspberries. I prep these on a Sunday and with some Jif lemon juice they keep in the fridge all week and I add the banana each day. This was the only way I was able to get a healthy breakfast when Ollie was a newborn and I've kept it up a couple of months later. It's so convenient having it sitting in the fridge for whenever I've got the chance to grab it. 

When I'm at work I tend to have two lunches - salad through the Summer months and soup through the Winter months. At home I love that I can have a bit of variety but sometimes I get to lunch time, my stomach rumbling and I have no idea what to have. I had 3 different lunches throughout the week.

One of the days at the start of the week I had leftover roast chicken along with salad, cheese and a baked potato. It's so easy to put a potato in the microwave for about 10 minutes and have it with salad and something syn free or low syn. The lunch that I had the majority of the week was a ham salad. Apart from the salad cream on top it's Syn Free and packed full of speed. It's not like I don't have all the time in the world for making lunch but sometimes having something quick and convenient from the shop is just better. I had the salmon and pepper sushi box from Lidl on the day we did our food shop. I think this is 2.5syns and feels like a bit of a treat.

Snacking has undoubtedly been my downfall in lockdown. Everyones taken a bit of a liking to baking and we've had quite a few lovely deliveries. Being at home all day also means I sometimes snack out of boredom. My other struggle is when my day starts at 6am, I exercise in the morning and then feel peckish by 10am. A few of the snacks I've been reaching for include;
Sunbites (6 syns)
Homemade mini Victoria sponge (!!!)
Melon and a green tea
Apple and melted Biscoff spread (4.5syns for tablepoon)
pineapple, grapes and melon
Salted popcorn (3 syns)

My Saturday night dinner was far from being on the Slimming World plan but that doesn't mean it'll completely sabotage my week. We had a Chinese takeaway and it was amazing. I'll not dwell on it too much and I don't even want to try and work out the syns but after weighing in that day I don't feel too guilty...On Sunday we had a roast dinner. This is obviously not syn free but with a few little changes like the Oxo roast potatoes and low syn Yorkshire puddings it's still on plan. Then on Monday we used the leftover chicken to make calzones. This is a Pinch of Nom recipe that uses a wrap instead of pizza dough. This was the first time I've had it and I'll definitely have it again with my favourite filling - BBQ sauce, chicken, sweetcorn and red onion.
One of my favourite Slimming World meals is Chicken Supreme. It's Syn Free, easy to make and very tasty.Mexican food is an absolute favourite in our house and when I first started Slimming World I was gutted that I couldn't have fajitas anymore. In reality, you can. Instead of my usual two wraps I've swapped it out for one Weight Watchers wrap stuffed full of chicken, lettuce and cheese. If I'm still hungry after one I have some of the chicken and salad on it's own. My last dinner was chicken pesto pasta with salad. A tablespoon of pesto is 3.5 syns so this dinner worked out about 2 syns. Even better we got to eat outside.
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