Revolution Concealer | Conceal & Definite Infinite

I've been using the Revolution Conceal and Define concealer since it came out two years ago. 
I've lost count of the number that I've bought and used up. From shade C3 to C5 I've used it in place of a foundation, as well as, as a concealer. Revolution introduced a Supersize version within a year of this concealer release and now they've got a new version, The Conceal and Define Infinite.

So what makes the Infinite version different? This concealer is meant to last 16 hours, have 20% more pigment and 20% more coverage than the original. It's also infused with niacinamide, an ingredient which is soothing and anti-inflammatory which makes this concealer good for blemish prone skin. I'm a big fan of the original but I thought it was worth see how this one compares. 

Initially I didn't notice a massive difference. Possibly because I don't have particularly oily or spotty skin. I also thought the original did quite a good job of staying put all day but I would agree this one is long lasting. I'm maybe not using as much product each time as it's slightly more pigmented. 

I bought the XL concealer which is £9 compared to the Supersize of the original which is £7. The smaller, regular size Infinite is £6 compared to £4.99 of the original (which has gone up in price by nearly £1). I can't decide if it's worth paying nearly £10 considering a 30ml foundation costs about the same amount, if not less. One benefit is definitely the shade range which is huge. There's 60 different shades and I've only tried 3 of them but I might try 3.5 or 4.5 to see if the neutral undertone would suit me even more. 

I don't know how I managed it but I completely missed the release of the hydrating version - the Conceal and Hydrate concealer with hyaluronic acid. So I think rather than buying this one again I'll give the Hydrate version a go. I think if you've got blemish prone skin then this one might be a good alternative for you but the original works well for my skin and it's cheaper so it seems like a no brainer.
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