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Throughout the past two years I've been using a facial tanning cream by UTan and when I went to buy it again I found out it had been discontinued. In fact it looks like they've had a bit of a rebrand and there wasn't even a product similar. I was gutted as I really liked it for a bit of colour without being too over the top and fake. The hunt begun for an alternative and I ended up buying Olay Complete Everyday Sunshine Moisturising CreamI went for this one partly because it was on offer and partly because it had a few good reviews. 

I used the UTan moisturiser at night and woke up with a bit of colour in my face. I wasn't sure when to apply this Olay moisturising cream because of the SPF15. It's actually perfect for applying to the skin in the morning. It's not at all greasy on my skin and smells a bit Summery, reminding me slightly of sun cream. I've been able to apply it, get a glow and still top up with any makeup. It looks really natural, it's a lot more subtle than UTan was. Though maybe not quite the tanned look that you might be after...

This is a light shade and very much for pale skin. Apparently you can get a dark version but I can't find it anywhere. As a moisturiser it's great and has been perfect for my dry skin. It leaves my face feeling soft and hydrated while also streak free. I would say it's most suited for my skin during the Summer but I won't say no to a bit of a glow now and then in the Winter time too. It's a total bonus knowing that my skin is being protected from daily UV exposure though I top it up when it's particularly sunny.

It is quite a small tube at 50ml so I don't think it's going to last that long. I've been using it on my face and neck nearly everyday for the past 3 weeks, unfortunately I have no idea how much is left. I definitely think I'll be repurchasing this when it's all used up, but I'm not sure I'd spend the full £11.99 on it. I think I'll be watching out for it being on offer - like better than half price on Superdrug at the moment.
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