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I've been really enjoying making a conscious effort to use up products and not leave them to clutter up my dressing room and bathroom. It wasn't my intention for this to be a monthly thing but I've ended up finishing 6 products in April, then May and now another 6 are ready for the bin this month. So here's to more empty skincare, haircare and makeup products... as well as a sleep secret for our 5 month old baby.
I've had this serum in my skincare drawer for so long I don't even know where I got it from or why I bought it as it's not my usual brand or choice. There was only a little bit left when I found it in my drawer reorganisation a few weeks ago so I kept it on my dressing room and used it all up. I've quite liked using it after cleansing my skin to keep it hydrated. I can't find it online but there's a hydrating one that's similar sounding. I'm not sure I'd bother buying it  once I've used up my stash.

I spoke about this sleep spray in my favourites not that long ago and now it's finished. I use this every night to spray Ollie's next to me crib. I bought this in January so I think it lasted for a full 4 months which isn't too bad for a £10 spray (although I only spent £5 on this one as it was on sale). I've already repurchased it along with the Matilda one and a Very Hungry Caterpillar bubble bath. Big Bloom and Blossom fans in this house. 

In my empties post in April I finished a Revolution Concealer in shade C4. This month I've finished a darker shade, C5. This is the darkest shade I've used so is obviously kept for Summer months when I've got a 'tan' (i.e. lots of freckles and a little glow). I've not just used this up in the few days of amazing sunshine we had, but rather it's sat in my drawer waiting to be finished since last year so I think I probably used a quarter. This remains my go to, I don't wear foundation on a day to day basis.
I quite like using a micellar water as part of my skincare routine and I was definitely drawn in by the fact that this one is ultra hydrating. Unfortunately I wasn't a fan of this. I didn't find it that effective really. Good because it's cruelty free and doesn't have parabens or silicones but my face never felt that clean or refreshed. I normally quite like the pump packaging but this ended up just being messy. The neck of the pump is far too long and flimsy. I definitely ended up wasting product. It seems to be sold out everywhere, possibly discontinued but that's alright as I won't buy it again.

I've had these under-eye brightening patches since my birthday and I had the perfect opportunity to use them one Sunday evening. Between having a late night from a Zoom quiz to an early morning with Ollie I was in need of some pampering by the evening. I actually loved these. They stayed in place so well, were really hydrating and left my eyes feeling refreshed.  They're £3.50 for one pair but I actually think I'd buy them again, preferably on offer.
Cien Sweet Pink Dry Shampoo
For the past few years I've been pretty loyal to Batiste for my dry shampoo, then I tried COLAB after getting it in a gift. I would have returned to what I know and love but unfortunately lockdown made it impossible for me to get my hands on any Batiste, or COLAB for that matter, when I needed it. I had to make do with what I could get and that ended up being the Lidl version; Cien Sweet Pink Dry Shampoo. It was less than £1.50 for 200ml and it did the job. It's maybe not quite as nice on the scalp as Batiste and felt a little heavier but if you remember to spritz it on your hair the night before like you're supposed to it can do quite a good job of giving you an extra day before hair washing.
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