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In the Winter I love a candle crackling away making the room feel cosy and smell great. Once the dark nights lift it doesn't feel the same and I feel like the candles are being wasted. I still want the different fragrances and so Wax Melts are the perfect Summer alternative.
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What are wax melts
Wax melts are made of the same ingredients than a candle, they initially have the same purpose. They both are designed to release natural aromas into your home. However both have a different method of using, wax melts require to be heated into a liquid form to release its aromas. While a scented candle requires to be burnt. There are several advantages of using wax melts over a scented candle. Wax melts will last longer than a candle and it holds its aromas for longer, you will save money in the long run by using wax melts. Most scented candles contain paraffin which is a concentrate of petroleum, paraffin can cause health problems for people struggling with asthma.

How to use wax melts
To use a wax melt you need a wax burner or an electrical version. A wax burner needs tea lights to heat the melt while electrical wax burners are plugged in. I'd recommend using an electrical version as there is no open flame, making this product much safer to use especially in the presence of children. You can get so many different designs so there's bound to be one to match your decor. You simply place your wax melts in the small bowl at the top, and let the heat from the burner melt your wax melts.

Using wax melts to fragrance your home
The use of wax melts in your home can completely change the feel in your home, the presence of natural aromas can bring a relaxing feel. Often natural aromas can bring back memories of a certain place, so it might be that you bought your melt on holiday and it reminds you of it or it might be the actual scent, Mojitos in Mexico anyone? People that often practice yoga or meditation will often use natural aromas as it helps them be more relaxed and help them keep focused.

Wax melts are more eco friendly
Using scented candles contains harmful chemicals that are released into the air when burnt, also each candle comes in a glass container creating more waste that is needed. Wax melts last much longer than a candle, they have very little packaging and they don’t release the harmful chemicals into the air. You can also get soy wax melts, these wax are created from soybean oils, these are much more ecofriendly as they are completely made from a natural ingredient. Soybean wax has a lower melting point than a normal wax, less heat is required to melt the wax and they last longer than normal wax. Be sure to check thenaturalgift for their wax melts.

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