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At the start of my maternity leave I wasn't watching much TV. I had ITV on in the background through the majority of the morning and afternoon with Lorraine, This Morning and Loose Women keeping me entertained in amongst nursery rhymes and picture books. Since lockdown I've avoided watching too much daytime TV, as lets face it there's not much being discussed beyond Covid-19. It's been much better for me to make my way through a few TV shows during nap time and playtime and here's what I've been watching....
The Nest
The Nest is a BBC Thriller, set in Scotland, that had me hooked from the first episode. It's about a couple and the lengths they'll go to for a baby. There was quite a few twists and moments where you feel for different characters for different reasons. There's only 5 episodes and I hope there's plans for a second series. You can catch up on iPlayer for the next two months. 
60 Days In
This is a Netflix series about life behind bars in an American county jail. 7 ordinary, innocent people live behind bars for 60 days without the inmates or staff knowing that they're not real prisoners. I had to keep watching from the first episode, it's proper binge watching stuff. You're following their different stories and there's so many Oh no moments. Some of the things that happened made me feel stressed out watching while other parts were quite fascinating. Each episode definitely ends with something that makes you keep watching. 
Very Cavallari

I signed up to a free trial of HayU through OhMyDosh to earn £2.50. I knew I didn't need another subscription so set a reminder in my calendar to cancel before the free trial was up. While I had the reality tv on demand app I thought I might as well have a look and stumbled upon Very Cavallari. I was a big Laguna Beach and The Hills fan so a show with Kristin Cavallari was worth a watch for me. There's 3 seasons following her, her husband and her business Uncommon James. It's full of drama and quite typical reality TV but easy watching. I've pretty much binged watched the first two seasons and am ready for the next 11 episodes.

Too Hot To Handle
Another Netflix series. This has been compared to Love Island and with the announcement that there won't be any Love Island this Summer I thought I might as well see what this show was like. It's a reality dating game show but with a bit of a difference. It's about making genuine connections and so the prize money decreases when the contestants engage in any sexual contact. I found the first episode a little cringe but by episode 2 that calmed down. 

Some of the others that don't need any description; Gossip Girl (still good even if it is the 3rd time watching), After Life, Britain's Got Talent and Race Across the World.
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