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Spending a lot of time at home seems to be giving me a chance to think more and more about the little changes and updates I'd like to make. Social media has a big influence in a lot of these homeware wishes too as lots of people have been sharing how they're filling their time with DIY and decorating. 

I think we've talked about getting a new mattress every month of 2020. I didn't realise how bad our mattress was until we were getting up through the night with Ollie. Like a mattress shouldn't make that much noise when you get back in bed, I was always worried I was going to wake someone up! I've also never liked how hot the memory foam is during the Summer months. We've not actually had this mattress that long in terms of the lifespan of a mattress but it's just not right for us. I don't think  it was that expensive when we bought it though. We've been doing a bit of research and Emma Mattresses seem to come out on top in lots of awards and with lots of different websites. They've got quite a good discount just now and through my husband's work he can get 50% off. 

Lots of people have been getting their DIY and up-cycling on during lockdown and I was starting to feel a little left out. I was tidying up my dressing room when I thought my built in wardrobe could do with a bit of a revamp. It's tired looking and the handles are so old fashioned. I've been looking for the best ways to give it an update and eggshell paint sounds like the right one for me. I want to change the cream/off white doors to grey and swap the gold handles for the copper ones. Hopefully a much cheaper way of getting a new fitted wardrobe. 
I shared the print I made for my best friends on my Instagram and I had to print one for myself as well. I'm so happy with how they turned out and I want to frame it and put it up in my dressing room. With the DIY I've got in mind a rose gold frame would be best. This one is really affordable for being A4.

We were really organised with Ollie's bedroom and had it decorated and furnished back in October. The room has mostly been used for changing, night feeds and for storage of his things. He won't be sleeping in his room until he's at least 6 months old but that's coming round quickly and the room isn't 100% ready for him to sleep. There's blackout blinds but no curtains and he sleeps in a pitch black room just now so getting some blackout curtains is a must. I can't decide whether I want grey or navy.

We've got a radiator cover in Ollie's bedroom and I'm starting to think I might get them for some other rooms. They're quite handy as a surface for decorative items and can look like a bit of slim furniture rather than just a way of covering up a radiator. The first place I'm thinking of getting one is the hallway downstairs, but then I might get one for upstairs too if we manage to finally change the carpet. There's quite a few places to get them from and eBay seems to have some of the best prices.
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