Glossier Skincare | First Impressions

I've never bought any skincare products from Glossier before but after looking at skincare a few times in the past couple of months I kept going back to their website. Three of their products made their way into my basket and with the bonus of 10% off my first order and free delivery I was clicking checkout. Given the current circumstances it took a little while for it to arrive but I've had them for just over a week. I'm sharing my first impressions because I've obviously not used them enough to give full reviews but my skincare routine has quickly become Glossier-ified. 
This was the product I was most excited for. I've never really seen a plumping product advertised as being for lips and under the eyes. It's a lightweight moisturiser and sinks in well. I bought it for under my eyes and haven't felt any sort of plumping feeling so tried it on my lips once and was disappointed that there wasn't any plumping sensation there either. It's £23 but quite a lot of product; 22ml for an eye cream will last a long time. I'm hopeful that there's some more noticeable changes after using it everyday for a few weeks. It does say it leaves under eyes fresher, smoother and more hydrated immediately and over time...
I like the packaging for this, it's a pump dispenser and two little pumps is the perfect amount of product. Nothing is being wasted.
This was on my Wishlist and the reason I ended up clicking back on the Glossier website and ordering. It's an exfoliator with acids instead of beads to remove dead skin. This gentle way of exfoliating can improve complexion, redness, enlarged pores and the appearance of pores.  I've been using it every second day at night time so far and I'm so impressed by how soft my skin feels after. It's not felt drying but I don't think using it every night would suit me. It's £19 so a similar price to something from Pixi but for almost half the product so not quite as affordable. I like the packaging. The pump is quick, convenient and doesn't waste any product.
This was an impulse buy and actually probably the product most suited to my skin type. It's a daily serum with vitamin C to energise skin and make it look radiant and refreshed. This feels lovely on my skin. I've been using it day and night before a moisturiser and my face does feel hydrated. I maybe look slightly more awake but that might just be a few full nights' sleep in a row. The packaging feels good quality and I like that it's pink and matches in with all things Glossier. It's £24 and considering I'd looked at a Tropic one which is £42 for 30ml I'm quite happy.    
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