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I feel like lockdown life makes you really appreciate the things you're enjoying a bit more than usual. The past 6 weeks (can you actually believe it's been that long already?) has been all about no heat on my hair, nailing nap times with my 4 month old, getting out in the garden and on our one walk a day and a little bit of baking on the side. Life has been quite slow paced and simple but these 5 things have definitely been my favourites for my hair and my health...
I've had this stuff for ages and have used it on and off. Now it's become a firm part of my haircare routine. I used it as part of my no heat curls and it's brilliant for taming any frizz. It's quite light so it doesn't make my hair greasy and you don't need to use much. I use it in the morning after I've unravelled my curls and am blending them together by running my hands through. 
I've always got a few shampoos and conditioners on the go at one time. I use different products suited for different purposes, whether it's a purple shampoo or hair growth. I wanted something cheaper, nothing fancy, for the in-between washes. I bought this in the supermarket during a food shop and can't actually believe how much I like it. It makes my hair feel soft, healthy and hydrated. I definitely think it's helped with frizz, especially as I'm not using any heat either. It smells really good too which is an added bonus.

I've had my Apple Watch since my birthday at the end of November but I don't think I quite got the hang of it properly until this year. It's recently become the biggest motivator to get me moving. It's been great for recording our daily walk and has got me back into running, especially with the indoor run workout for the treadmill. I've got awards and streaks for perfect weeks and now when I think I can't be bothered going a walk the thought of not closing my Activity Rings is enough to get me moving. 

We've actually been quite lucky with the weather recently and while I've been making sure to use SPF I've also needed to make sure I've been keeping up with the lip products. This little lip balm is so nice to use thanks to the peppermint oil that makes is smell delicious. It's also a plant-based 100% natural lip balm with ingredients like cocoa butter and jojoba so it's really moisturising and soothing. Another impressive eco-friendly product from So Natural.

I've been a sleep spray sort of person for years. I've used a few brands and it's just part of my bedtime routine. When we had Ollie in January I wanted to make sure my sleep spray would be suitable for a baby as his next to me cot is right next to my pillow. I found this Bloom and Blossom Spray on the Boots website and I'm a big fan. Even my husband will say, "have you sprayed his spray?" It's not too overpowering, but quite a comforting smell. It's completely safe for newborns and suitable for even the most sensitive skin. It's now just a part of his bedtime routine too.
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