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When I get an idea in my head I can't drop it and I'm pretty impatient so I want it done now.   My latest idea was to up-cycle the fitted wardrobe in my dressing room. It was in the house when we bought it so I have no idea how old it is. I'm sure it's from IKEA, it's in good condition but it's just not my taste. It's a bit old fashioned and tired looking. A quick browse through Instagram and Pinterest and I had a vision in my head. From off-white with gold to grey with copper.
All of the paint was from B and M partly because of cost and partly because it was a convenient shop for my husband to go to while getting essentials. The primer I used was the Johnstone's Any Surface Primer in white. It was £11.99 and I applied it with a roller for a brush-stroke-free application. It took two coats to prime the doors and surround. I was tempted to just do one but the difference was quite surprising. 

I wanted an eggshell paint but couldn't get a grey so after two visits I settled for a matt paint instead. The Johnstone's Paint Vinyl in Frosted Silver was £11 for 2.5l. I did 5 coats on the doors, again with a roller. It's maybe not as dark as I had envisaged but I'm happy with it. As for the surround I only did 3 coats, with one extra little touch up in areas. I did this with an Annie Sloan flat paint brush. I was too lazy to take all the clothes out of the wardrobe so I did have to be careful! It took me a good 40 minutes to do all the masking tape along the edges. 
The thing I hated most about the fitted wardrobes were the handles. They were so old-fashioned and I've thought a few times about changing them.I went for the Brushed Copper T Bar Handles which cost £4.89 for 2 and I bought 3 sets which gave be enough for each wardrobe door and one left over. I might use it on my dressing table drawer. That's £14.67 on handles but so worth it. I love them. 

Putting the doors back on probably took us longer than it should have but by the last two doors we were getting the hang of it. I wish I'd used a clear varnish to seal it all but I don't have any (if I get some I might do it yet). Because of that I had a couple of bits that needed touched up as they got bashed and chipped when we took them through the house and trying to get them back on the hinges. 
Much more contemporary and all for under £40 and 4 days of nap times. I've got about half a can of primer and three quarters of the paint left. Now I'm thinking what to do next...
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  1. That looks so good! Well done to you, I usually don't have patience for DIY projects :)