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At the start of the year I was thinking about how I could make some changes to my makeup routine to be a bit more eco-friendly. I'm obviously using a lot more throwaway products, like wipes and nappies with my baby, so I wanted to make a change in what I do. I already use a reusable muslin with my cleanser but I still use cotton pads with micellar water. That was the perfect place to make a change and So Natural Cosmetics is the perfect brand to help me make that change.

So Natural Cosmetics is a brand new British based brand with 100% natural, eco-conscious and sustainable products. Their range of products including hand washlip balm and hand sanitiser are ethical and effective in a natural way meaning sustainably sourced ingredients that are cruelty free. I was excited to replace my one time use cotton pads for the So Natural Eco-friendly reusable makeup pads and wash bag*.

This gift set includes 10 pads that are each made of bamboo fleece and handmade in the UK. They're 8cm wide with fleece on one side and bamboo towelling on the other, so one side is soft for makeup removal and the other is a bit better for exfoliating and a deep clean. 

With a baby I'm doing quite regular washes so I don't use them all before throwing them in the wash. In fact I've used the same 4 for the past few weeks keeping the other 6 stored away and in brand new condition. I do love though that you don't need to hand wash them or follow any special washing instructions, instead you just need to use the wash bag. The wash bag is made of recycled cotton. It's brilliant for throwing in the washing machine and restoring the pads back to clean, soft, ready to use makeup removal pads.  

The bundle costs £18.95 and is so worth it. If you think about how much you spend on cotton pads month in, month out and these ones are reusable and last forever you've got an eco-friendly, affordable investment. You can buy the reusable pads and wash bag separately. So if you want extra so you can go longer between washes or need more than 10 for the number of people in your house then you don't need to buy the whole gift set. 

I've been using the pads with micellar water and also the So Natural Cosmetics Waterproof Makeup Remover. It's a gentle makeup remover which is brilliant for all skin types, including sensitive skin. It's unscented and removes all makeup, including mascara, while soothing and moisturising.   

If you're like me and been thinking about making a change then these reusable makeup pads are fab and to save 10% on all orders use the code JHPR10. You want to keep up to date with all of So Natural Cosmetic's products on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The perfect way to support a new business in a difficult time.
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