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Is lockdown proving to be dangerous for anyone else's bank balance with the amount of online shopping they want to do or is it just me? I seem to find myself browsing websites and adding things to my basket left, right and centre. I've managed to stop myself most of the time so far (it's not an essential, you don't need it you're not going anywhere anyway, etc...) and some shops have quite rightly closed their online store so I couldn't checkout even if I wanted it. I've made myself a bit of a Lockdown Wishlist so that I've got options when all of this is over or when I need a bit of a pick me up. 
My husband has 50% off Superdry through his work so of course I had to get involved. I think I've probably looked at every page of women's clothing. Even with 50% off some of the things I liked were way more than I'd like to spend but this sweatshirt is very tempting. It's a good jumper for chillier days in the house or heading out a walk.

I've never used any Glossier skincare products but I somehow ended up on their website on Sunday afternoon. I feel like I blinked and nearly an hour had passed. There's so many products that sound amazing and this exfoliator is top of my Glossier list. It helps remove dead skin, improve appearance of redness and pores. 

I was in Primark just over a week before lockdown started and I never bought a new pair of pyjamas. It's fair to say I regret it. I was getting all Marie Kondo inspired in Ollie's chest of drawers, then moved onto mine which included my pyjamas and now I want a new pair. I've never bought any from SheIn before but these Victoria Secret style ones are up my street.

Lots of people have used lockdown to get organised and declutter, and quite rightly so. What  better time to sort out that cupboard that you never have time for or to tackle your wardrobe. I've got quite a lot of space under the spare bed that's perfect for storing away out-of-season clothing but nothing to put it all in. I've never bought anything from Minene before but it came up on Instagram a few times with really good sales for baby accessories and storage solutions. 

I've been making a scrapbook of photos since Ollie was born and although he's not even 4 months old I've nearly filled the first book. I need to get another and this one is exactly the same. I also want some stickers for writing his name on the front and Hobbycraft has a good selection.

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