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I think my most worn pair of shoes this year so far have been my Vans Authentic True Whites. They're the perfect, simple trainer to throw on with a pair of jeans whatever you're doing but boy do they get dirty. Of course if you're wearing them in the garden and out on a walk they're not going to stay spotless forever. The breaking point was a drop of strawberry sauce from an ice cream - it was time to clean my white VansI'd thought about throwing them in the washing machine as a quick fix but the thought of ruining my favourite shoes was enough to stop me and here's how I cleaned them up to be as good as new...
There's a few different methods but this one needs just two ingredients, some cold water and 30 minutes to let the mixture work. I started by putting my embarrassingly dirty Vans into a basin. This made it easy to wet them with cold water and but also kept everything neat and together. Once both shoes were wet I started mixing the ingredients.

In a plastic bowl I mixed one scoop of baking powder with one scoop of washing detergent. This mixed together to make a paste and this was enough to clean my pair of shoes. I just used the scoop to apply the mixture all over the canvas and rubber, but you could also use a toothbrush to scrub it in with particularly bad stains. Once you've applied the paste to your Vans leave them for 30 minutes.
After half an hour I used a cloth to scrub away any stubborn stains and work the paste in. Then it was time to rinse away the mixture. You can see pretty quickly just how well it's worked. That red splodge on the toe was gone, the yellow marks on the heel that looked a bit like pollen were no longer and the general grubbiness was transformed. 

I made use of the beautiful sunshine we've been having to air dry my shoes. After a day outside, part of the time on a chair and then hanging on the washing line, I left them on a radiator just to make sure they were bone dry. Within 48 hours I was able to wear my Vans and not be ashamed of the state of them. It worked that well my husband actually asked me if I'd bought a new pair but that might be more to do with how much shopping he thinks I do!
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