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Achieving your perfect style primarily comes down to mastering your wardrobe. Only when you can see everything at a glance and reach straight for the ideal accessory do you stand any chance at topping the trends and perfecting your looks. Sadly, for many of us, small wardrobe struggles prevent us from ever achieving this goal.

Far from seeing everything at a glance, a small closet could see you struggling with piles of clothes that you never quite get to the bottom of. And, don’t even get us started on accessories! Most days, you don’t even bother, convinced that you’ll never find the item you’re after.

It’s a sorry state of affairs, but it doesn’t have to be this way. In reality, there are plenty of fashion icons out there who make do with wardrobes even smaller than yours. And, to help you win this battle once and for all, we’re going to consider a few of the ways they manage to look fabulous regardless.
Taking a leaf out of Marie’s Kondo
Marie Kondo very much soared into our hearts, homes, and wardrobes last year thanks to her hit Netflix show. And guess what? She’s got some pretty radical ideas about wardrobe storage, many of which could make your clothes far easier to manage in even the smallest of spaces. That’s because Marie knows a thing or two about smart ways to fold your outfits so they fit in boxes, rather than drawers or hangers. By following this lead, countless fashion-forward thinkers have been better able to perfect wardrobe organisation, and get their outfits right as a result.

Account for the seasons
When you’re dealing with a small wardrobe, there’s no room to spare. Hence why you could also benefit a great deal by accounting for the seasons with your fashion choices. Even better, achieving this goal is as simple as placing out of season clothes in attic storage, or hiring a secure facility for the purpose if you don’t have space at home. As simple as that, you can increase available wardrobe space by up to 50%, making even a crowded closet feel like a spacious, workable option. Best of all, this is a small shift that your fashion choices can benefit from all year round!

Set yourself some rules
Lastly, we’re sorry to say that beating your small wardrobe is all about setting rules every time you hit the sales or consider splurging on your favourite designer labels. After all, falling into unrestricted shopping sprees means that even your 50% space increase won’t last long. Instead, then, be strict with yourself. A fantastic rule here would be only ever to buy something if you’re getting rid of something else. Equally, restricting yourself to buying only the items you know you need to fill fashion gaps can help you to keep control. That way, wardrobe management won’t be half the challenge it’s proven up until now. Finally, you’ll be able to emerge from this battle victorious!

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