GLAMGLOW ThirstyMud | Hydrating Treatment

If you were to ask me what's the best product I've currently got in my dressing table for dry, dehydrated skin I'd 100% be showing you GLAMGLOW Thirstymud hydrating treatment. It's not the most affordable product by any means but it's the product I turn to when I need something intense.

The Thirstymud hydrating treatment is a skin saviour through the Winter months, an in-flight booster in the air conditioning and radiance restorer in the Summer if you actually manage to get some sunshine. It's intense formula is packed full of hyaluronic acid and citric acid which hydrates, hydraclay and Oat Beta Glucan to help retain natural moisture and raw honey, coconut and ginger root for boosting radiance and conditioning the skin. With all those ingredients packed into this thick, creamy mask it doesn't take much product to replenish, restore and calm your skin.

I use this as a night mask allowing it to absorb into my skin and giving me hydrated skin by the morning. I do tend to put it on a while before heading to bed to avoid getting it on my pillowcase. You can also use it as a face mask during the day, leaving it on for 10-20 minutes then wipe it off, wash it off or massage the remaining product into the skin. I can't imagine why anyone would want to wash it off though! I love the scent of this mask. It's quite sweet, which isn't surprising with the list of ingredients, so maybe not everyone's cup of tea. 

It's £44 for the 50g pot so it is expensive. You can actually get a mega size 100g for £59 so if you know it's a product that you're going to use and benefit from then it's worth buying big. If you're not 100% sure then I'd recommend buying a GLAMGLOW gift set instead. You can try a few products for the same price when you get the Bounce and Clear set. Bit of a no-brainer. I actually bought this as part of a set from Sephora and though I quite liked the others in it I loved this.

Definitely not cheap but it really does work. A must for dry skin but suitable for all skin types. Once I've used up every last bit I'll be splashing out on the big one. Do you have any GLAMGLOW favourites?
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