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I've always been quite a big photo taker but since having Ollie the number of photos I take has massively increased. I want to record every milestone and memory. My phone is packed full of impromptu snaps along with those all neatly arranged with the weekly cards and Ginger Ray Baby Blanket. I've been printing snaps every so often but before that I've been making use of Fotor.

My latest little photo app discovery has made fixing the lighting and cropping out my feet quick and easy. Along with that I've been able to combine a few photos to make scrapbooking easier. 
There are three main features on FotorPhoto Editorcollage maker and Image Designer. Even better Fotor isn't just a website, you can edit and create on the go. You can download the app on Mac, Windows and on iOS and Android phones. So that's Fotor on my MacBook, my iPhone and my iPad... sorted.
When I think about editing a photo I think of two things - fixing it or altering how you look. Fotor lets you do both. There's so many easy to use functions which make a simple edit quick and convenient. Instead of clicking around with words you might not even understand Fotor lets you adjust or enhance with one click. But obviously if you've got a bit more photo knowledge you can make changes to each little section yourself too. When we had snow the other day (I couldn't believe it either) I wanted to get a quick photo of Ollie with the snow in the background. His face was so dark with the window and light behind him I was inclined to delete it but it was an easy fix with Fotor's backlit edit. When you're taking photos of a newborn you've got to be quick and you can bet I've had to use the straighten function many times over too.

As for the beauty section, you can retouch a photo if you're not quite looking your best. From skin smoothing, wrinkle and blemish removers, red-eye remover and teeth whitening you can do a little touch up or a complete makeover! So whether you're getting a photo ready to upload to Instagram with filters and effects or want to get a little artistic with a snap there's loads of options.
I've been using the collage maker for two main things - my blog photos and my scrapbook. You only have to look through a few of my blog posts to see that I use collages to help include all the images I want without having loads of individual files. When I'm taking outfit pictures I often have loads going on in the background and it's much better to put two pictures together and cut out all the unnecessary kitchen or garden. As for scrapbooking, I'm  being such a first time Mum and documenting Ollie's first year in a scrapbook. If I was to actually put in every photo that I love it'd be massive so collages help reduce down the number that I print.

Fotor's collage feature is so easy to use. You upload the photos you want and can select from up to 100 different arrangements. You can easily rotate and zoom into photos. Then you can alter the borders to round the edges, add a shadow or background. The most pictures you can have in your collage using their template is 9 but you can freestyle so they're not quite so organised and structured.
It's not just photo editing that I've been up to. I quite like being creative, I made my own and best friend's wedding invites. When I was at work I would create tasks and worksheets which this would be perfect for. Just now it's all about making greetings cards but also creating images for my blog. Through the Image Designer section of the website you're able to create all sorts of pictures suitable for different purposes including social media, certificates and phone wallpapers. You can access a design gallery giving you loads of templates which you can edit or if you're feeling particularly creative, or want to make something a bit different you can start with a blank canvas.

Fotor has a huge selection of backgrounds, fonts and stickers that you can use in your designs, and even more if you've got the Pro version. You can also upload your own with just a couple of clicks. I love that all of your own fonts are automatically available as I've downloaded a few especially for wedding invites and making birthday cards. I've been experimenting with a few templates trying to make an invite for my husband's 30th birthday, though I don't think I'll be sharing them until the current circumstances improve. It's easy enough to save and add in the date later though.
Fotor is free to use with all their basic features but for £4.99 a month or £29.49 for the year you can get access to all of the Pro features across their online and app platforms. If you're a student you can get yourself 30% off with Student BeansI was kindly given access to Fotor for the year and it's quickly become one of my frequently visited websites in Safari. I like that you're able to try out all the features first before spending your money. You only need to go Pro when you know you're going to use the extras. 

If you're looking for an easy to use photo editor or something to help create images for work and social media I'd definitely recommend checking out Fotor. The little hints and tips throughout make it simple to use and your possibilities endless. You can take a few photos right through from editing them to combining them and adding in text or clip art. A must have blog tool.
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