Redken Oil Detox | Shampoo Review

I'm not sure whether it's one of the post baby life changes but I feel like my hair doesn't stay as clean for as long as it used to. It could be that I'm touching my hair more or many it is some sort of hormonal change but I wanted to do something to help get back to only washing my hair every 3 days. I decided to try the Redken Scalp Oil Detox Shampoo. Redken is a hair care brand that I've only used a few times and I was hopeful that the professional brand would live up to my expectations.

The science behind this shampoo is all about Lipo-Sponge technology along with lipacid to absorb excess oils and rebalance the pH levels of the scalp. The formula is designed to cleanse pores and purify the scalp which results in the oil production being controlled. Redken recommends two different methods of use. Massage into wet hair and scalp and rinse or for a more intense treatment apply before wetting hair, leave for up to 2 minutes then wet hair, lather and rinse. 

On the whole my hair is quite good condition, especially considering it's coloured and faces heat damage regularly. However, I have to be really careful with this shampoo as it can leave the lengths of my hair feeling dry and straw like. Although it can be used daily I certainly wouldn't want to. More recently I've been using this shampoo in combination with another shampoo. I focus the Redken Oil Detox shampoo on my scalp just once or twice a week. With that I've started seeing a difference in my hair. It feels clean and detoxed, getting rid of any product build up. If I use too much or through the lengths though it can leave me wanting to apply a hair mask or intensive treatment.

A little goes quite a long way and a 300ml bottle has been going strong in my shower for the last two months. Feelunique has 25% off some Redken products at the moment so a bottle is currently £12.75. Fragrance Direct have it even cheaper at £11.30. It's still a high end product and price tag so I wouldn't recommend splashing out if you've got a sensitive scalp or damaged hair. I feel like this might be best suited to greasy, limp or flat hair. It's going to be one of those bottles that feature in my hair care routine every so often.
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