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Winter is always the worst for dry, chapped lips. Although we've not had the snowy weather this year my lips have been suffering because I've been out walking with the pram much more than I would usually be out and about. I actually found myself struggling to get back to sleep the other night because my lips were stinging after spending the day out in the biting wind. I knew I needed something intensive and remember a product that's been sitting on my dressing table for a wee while, the ARK skincare Advanced Action Plumping Lip Cream*.

This looks like a face product in its packaging but actually this pump product is a lip product for hydration, plumping and protecting. It's got plumping peptide for lip volume, lines and wrinkles including the skin around the mouth. It also has Macadamia Lipids for softness and preventing dryness. The last active ingredient is Allantoin which is the moisturising and soothing ingredient. 

I've been using the plumping cream as an intensive treatment overnight, applying it before bed (and during the night when I'm up for night feeds). I've also been using it a few times throughout the day, in particular if I've been out in the cold. This can also be used as a primer before lipstick. The cream absorbs well and is very nourishing. I'm used to using lip balms so wasn't sure how I'd get on with a cream but it makes a huge difference. It definitely soothes any stinging and has made my dry lips look a lot healthier. As for the plumping effect I've not noticed anything spectacular, but then lines and wrinkles wasn't my reason for using the cream.

This Advanced Action Plumping Lip Cream comes with 15ml of product which is huge for a lip product. So although this is £32 it's going to last and have visible results. I'm also a big fan of the packaging, though it's not quite as portable as a regular lip balm. With nails like mine there's nothing worse than digging into a tin of Vaseline so a pump like this is much more convenient. As with all other ARK skincare products this is made in the UK and isn't tested on animals.   
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