New Nails | March Pastels

Time for Spring nails already! Last year I had gorgeous Spring Florals and this year I wasn't sure if I wanted something with a pattern again but I knew I definitely wanted pastel colours. It took a little bit of Pinterest browsing to come up with my new nails for March.

On three of my nails I've actually not got a colour at all. I've got Teddy Builder in a Bottle instead. This stuff is amazing for strengthening your nails. Most of my nails (apart from a few casualties that needed a tip) are my own natural nails. These might look long but I actually got a fair bit cut off them too. The Builder in a Bottle comes in a few different natural and nude shades and I quite liked the pinky tone of Teddy. Then on my ring finger and middle finger I've got a base coat of Daisy in preparation for my pastel design.

On both the nails I've got a pastel watercolour design using a lilac, Pastel V005, a blue, Blue Wave and a pink, Petal. The colours were mixed on a silicone pad and scooped on top of Blooming Gel. The Blooming Gel spreads and fades the colours. Each design is different depending on how the colours move and overlap. 

Would it be my nails without something glittery or sparkly? On top of the design is Essence Glitter Silver Leaf added in different sizes and a bit of a random design. They're all topped off with Extreme Shine Top Coat for up to 4 weeks of strong, protected nails. 
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  1. Love new nails!! I'm long overdue. Thanks for the inspiration. :-)